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I'm Shu (pronounced like shoe - appropriate seeing as this is primarily a fashion blog, eh?), 20 and an English Language and Creative Writing graduate. To put it simply, I like clothes. 

 I've been passionate about fashion for quite some time now, and it's grown to become a big part of who I am today. It's a visual art form that constantly adapts to our changing society and something I continuously learn from. Let's face it, clothes are pretty too - we want to look good but it's also an exterior canvas we decorate to express ourselves. Have you ever looked back at a photo of yourself from a month or a year ago and went, "Wow, I look SO different"? That's what fascinates me, the fact that our appearance changes with age or is associated with a particular time/phase in our lives. Conscious of it or not, our personal style follows the same journey with us as we grow up. That, or i'm looking way too much into it.

Fashion is a creative outlet for me; i've always been a very creative person whether it's with writing, fine art, acting or performing (fun fact: i'm a grade 6 flutist - I haven't played in years though). Blogging and being on YouTube is also very therapeutic and I love what I do. I love that I have a tiny little space on the internet to always turn to, it makes me unbelievably happy and I cannot thank you all for your support. These social platforms have presented me with a lot of opportunities I never would've have before and I am so grateful! :)

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat,

my email is: shulikesclothes@gmail.com

and you can find me on YouTube here

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