Monday, 28 December 2015

Guess Who's Back? Back Again (x168)

Hello, old friends!

Before I dive into my usual waffle,  imagine me (five rounds of cheeseboards heavier, mind) excitedly jumping up and down pointing at the new blog layout. After 4 years, it was time for this little ol' space to have a snazzy new revamp. Similar to me grimacing at photos of my toddler mushroom bowl cut, I expect my previous template shuddered at my basic CSS skills.

Struck by the festive holiday break, I return with a tail between my legs (and my new pet, the Christmas Tummy) again to this internet home. There's a library full of every day snapshots nestled in my camera feed, and I want to start making a conscious effort to fly them across to this space. I've always seen my YouTube and blog as digital scrapbooks shared amongst friends - and a life catch up between us all is well overdue!

In the mean time, I've been a plump but busy little bee and uploaded a 'Winter Lookbook' video today. In this visual number, you'll find 5 casual outfits and a lot of awkward dancing. If you've got a few minutes, feel free to click on the play button below! Make sure you have a hot cuppa tea with you too : )

I always say this but thank you for sticking around. 

Goodness knows why you guys are still here, but I appreciate it incredibly so.

Now give yourself a squeeze, that's a virtual little hug from me.


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