Wednesday, 12 August 2015

the green juice must be telling me a grape joke

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It's 1am, Wet Hot American Summer is on and my eyebrows are knitted together wondering why I'm finding my green juice to be so hilarious.

It must be telling me a grape joke, one that I find appeeling enough to make my heart skip a beet.

Psst... do those punny attempts make up for the fact that tumble weed replaced regular posts over the past two months? Despite the radio blogging silence, I have bean thinking of this little ol' space and missed it berry much. 

Nothing? Yikes. Tough crowd.

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There are days that I wake up wanting to play dress up.

On this particular morning, the summer air waved an array of sunlight over my wardrobe and cast a spell upon my usual attire. My XL men's jumper was replaced with this periwinkle blue number that hugged me around the waist and billowed out during the moments I played 'dizzy dinosaurs' (and immediately regretted).

 photo 0C6C4BA4-9CC2-4D04-9409-84591B4C1FE2_zpszbnhguce.jpg  photo 39F50A40-DAA3-425B-9BE6-98E601B533A5_zpsa3abfp7t.jpg

This swishy piece boarded the train from my sister's room to mine and was a gem purchased from ASOS last year. Despite the exact style being out of stock, the same rule applies - skater dresses suits all.

Those with athletic bodies can carve curves with the symmetrical design; longer length sleeves balance out pear shapes whilst apples can create definition with a cinched in waist. One word of warning though, I most definitely don't recommend spinning non-stop after lunch in this... no matter how much twirling potential it seems to have. 

 Fancy the moving image version of this outfit? Why, I'll just leave this right here!


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