Tuesday, 18 August 2015

70s Fashion and Bike Rides in London

 photo DB65F8AC-96C3-4358-A7D6-FF955E8089AB_zpspkfhjzgl.jpg  photo 1D8BB0F6-2DEB-4013-A7C6-6ACCDA3E13A5_zpsoc19x8c9.jpg

I once wore this fringed knit with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans to work and was told that I resembled a '90s Shakira'. I twirled on the spot, looked up and responded with 'Aha, the SHUKIRA' through the cheesiest grin I could muster at 9:30 on a Monday morning.

The story above has absolutely no relevance to the outfit above but the memory tickles the corners of my lips every time it springs to mind.

 photo AA711BD5-C12A-4B87-9F10-16E92DDA4E5A_zpsd2xomfcx.jpg  photo E572898A-306B-4604-9ABB-D2DA23FB19E8_zpsip1lqh6h.jpg

We'll fast forward to a few months later.

On this particular day, a bicycle ride from West to East London happened. I hopped myself onto the saddle and pedalled my feet along the Thames path, on the left side of the roads and gingerly signalled right at the roundabouts. It was somewhat of a personal victory.

I was also distracted by a 3-course lunch on the way back from a toilet break. Thai as I might, I couldn't resist. The Khao Niaow Ma Muang (mango with coconut sticky rice dessert) was glorious and rendered me speechless the whole 55 seconds it took for me to inhale it.

I waddled out with my crochet knit as my partner in crime and the Roshe Runs did their best to hoist my (after banquet) weight back onto the bicycle. My sunglasses tinted landmarks into picturesque scenes from the 1970s as the tassels danced to the chimes of the bell...

...to warn passers-by of my presence. Ding. Ding. Ding! Children and old people, beware.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

the green juice must be telling me a grape joke

 photo 64D74567-D7DF-4827-87CE-43F7CE2C1AAE_zpsennzpmby.jpg  photo D78E8D97-B6D8-4443-AEFB-9E2E9E647FA2_zpsl4ldoacd.jpg

It's 1am, Wet Hot American Summer is on and my eyebrows are knitted together wondering why I'm finding my green juice to be so hilarious.

It must be telling me a grape joke, one that I find appeeling enough to make my heart skip a beet.

Psst... do those punny attempts make up for the fact that tumble weed replaced regular posts over the past two months? Despite the radio blogging silence, I have bean thinking of this little ol' space and missed it berry much. 

Nothing? Yikes. Tough crowd.

 photo 1BA0D6F4-C9AA-44DB-BB80-AE8F3D1DB69A_zpsxub8vnpp.jpg  photo D117CD95-324E-4879-913F-DA6E6FAB8729_zpsel6t8dwc.jpg  photo E30212FF-291C-4CB5-BCF5-AC0C824E1FC7_zpsazpvk6fa.jpg

There are days that I wake up wanting to play dress up.

On this particular morning, the summer air waved an array of sunlight over my wardrobe and cast a spell upon my usual attire. My XL men's jumper was replaced with this periwinkle blue number that hugged me around the waist and billowed out during the moments I played 'dizzy dinosaurs' (and immediately regretted).

 photo 0C6C4BA4-9CC2-4D04-9409-84591B4C1FE2_zpszbnhguce.jpg  photo 39F50A40-DAA3-425B-9BE6-98E601B533A5_zpsa3abfp7t.jpg

This swishy piece boarded the train from my sister's room to mine and was a gem purchased from ASOS last year. Despite the exact style being out of stock, the same rule applies - skater dresses suits all.

Those with athletic bodies can carve curves with the symmetrical design; longer length sleeves balance out pear shapes whilst apples can create definition with a cinched in waist. One word of warning though, I most definitely don't recommend spinning non-stop after lunch in this... no matter how much twirling potential it seems to have. 

 Fancy the moving image version of this outfit? Why, I'll just leave this right here!

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