Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The 'We Know Your Order' Pizza Illuminati Vest

 photo 03D7D98A-5D7A-4E0B-8F5A-A89C16BA3246_zpsnbihux9s.jpg  photo 89009F38-CE1E-41F4-BA8D-ABA0C27401BA_zpsxe9svmgm.jpg

It's fair to say that this vest has a pizza my heart.

Once upon a time, a hangry maiden perused ASOS with a tummy singing for the cheese-topped pie and clapped her eyes on a piece that made her heart (and stomach) sing with glee. She waved her magic wand (debit card), beckoned for a horse and carriage (thanks, DPD) and welcomed the new arrival to her accommodating kingdom (wardrobe). It was an inevitable beginning to a pretty darrrn good love story... aside from the glorious moment that happens when I'm getting a slice of the action in real life.

 photo 56E60B24-80E3-4C48-89A7-EBE827E2E14A_zps4tyhbd6x.jpg  photo D05A785E-BE09-4809-AE74-CB2D44279526_zpsdkzlsjud.jpg

Once the initiation process was complete, it was time to assemble.

Impatient by nature, I overindulged by layering black over black and texture on texture. I flew into the billowing cardigan, slipped on the knee-high leathers and pleather shorts, slung the 90s choker around my neck and finished off with the pizza in illuminati armour. They're only (il)logical choices, huh?

Note: wearing a pretend cape in public can cause the following side effects:

1) You will become a Shuperhero...
2) ...and start spinning around in public singing 'we can fly, we can fly we can FLY'
3) Your full-time photographer and part-time best friend Umit will nervously laugh, grimace and then slowly back away.
4) And you'll reply with 'what's wrong? you want a pizza me?'
5) Repeat the process x5

 photo 4D68E7D9-2435-4980-8DEF-C6B2F7230416_zpsc26jn1zv.jpg  photo 84CA5084-4116-4791-853F-8CA88FC0AAAD_zpskwjqmg2o.jpg  photo C3D422E7-6446-494C-B339-E5DA3673F650_zpsidgiwtoz.jpg

Yeah, I'm lucky that I have friends at all.
Now, who wants to go for a pizza?



American Apparel Circle Cardigan
New Look Pleather Shorts
Topshop Choker 

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