Thursday, 1 January 2015

3 Options For A Lazy Weekend - Hello, 2015!

January 1st, 2015: Happy New Year!

Hope you all had the most amazing time celebrating yesterday evening! Anyone else still wrapped up snuggly in a dressing gown at 2:30PM with a mug of green tea? Please don't say it's just me.

With plans for a walk on the seaside later followed by a cinema trip to watch Paddington, my plans to stay in my pyjamas have been bookmarked to be revisited again in a few hours time. The extended festive period between December 25th - 4th January seems to be a bit of a grey area, doesn't it? Weekdays and weekends are blurred into a prolonged stretch of lazy days thus every day feels like, well, a Sunday. With that in mind, below are three options of how I'll be spending this weekend before it's time to head back to work in the city.

Option #1: Duvet Day 
(it's a Shu National Holiday, don't you know?)

fox print pyjama set new look

Pyjamas kept on, cushions and pillows propped up and PlayStation controller in hand with Seasons 1-5 of Chuck for afters. Oh, I do love my duvet days. As a firm believer that humans should be able to hibernate in the winter months after Christmas until spring arrives, this is the closest option I'll get to achieving it. I'll be hanging up my adventures in these cold blustery winds and you'll find me burrowing into a bundle of blankets instead. 

I'm now half tempted to build a fort out of cushions and blankets and deck out my pretend castle with the fairy lights from the Christmas tree. Now, that's an idea...

Option #2: Smart Casual 
(i.e. thrown on with a quick slick of lipstick)

how to style leather trousers, how to wear pleather trousers all black outfit, crochet lace top, leather trousers barely there heel sandals, rimmel 107, leather trousers

Lace top - Zara (on sale now!)
Pleather trousers - ASOS
Barely there heeled sandals - Primark
MAC Russian Red lipstick

For the occasions where fancy attire is required, this is my go-to option of looking smart with minimal effort involved and all black outfits are my favoured uniform in answer to the January blues. The black lace and crochet detailing are feminine, the billowing material hides a multitude of chocolate-shaped sins, the pleather trousers provides texture to an otherwise monotonous affair and it's all wrapped up with a quick slick of red lipstick. The easiest outfit to pull together and no one will be any the wiser.

Or there's always... 

Option #3: A repeat of last night

living room picnic

For New Year's Eve, a living room picnic was created with blankets draped on the rug and plush cushions plonked down as seats. We ordered a banquet of Indian food, arranged an array of our favourite tipples and prepared ourselves for a sci-fi movie marathon. We allowed our minds to escape to alternate realities all whilst laying comfortably with poppadoms in hand. It was a very chilled out evening filled with all my favourite things and one that I'm keen to repeat - who needs dinner tables anyway?

So it seems like my lazy weekend plans are a go! Who's with me?


  1. Lovely post! Those fox PJs are super cute!
    I keep wondering where you take your pictures - you always seem to have blue skies! *.*

  2. Hello, I have one off tipic question, what is your height? I want to buy onepiece onesie, I saw that you have one in XS size, I am considering between XXS and XS size and can't decide which to choose. Please, help me, thank you :)


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