Wednesday, 31 December 2014

NYE Outfit Ideas: The 2-Piece Pencil Dress

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It's December 31st - the 365th day of 2014!

Last year, we welcomed in the new year at a Back To The Future themed night at The Haunt in Brighton. The venue was bursting with film memorabilia, floating hover boards and classic 80s anthems blared out from the speakers. When the clock struck midnight, a chorus of HAPPY NEW YEARs were bellowed across the room over the top of Doc and Marty McFly costumed heads. It was a brilllliant night.

The year before that, wrapped up in our thermals and bobble hats, we lined ourselves along the embankment and marvelled at the cascade of fireworks cartwheeling themselves into the skies above us. A soundtrack of sparkles and bangs lit up against the backdrop of the Thames and London Eye.  

Should we exist in an alternate reality where I'd be attending a spy-themed black tie event, this 2-piece pencil dress would be my weapon of choice. Exuding elegance, glamour and sophistication with a sensual twist, it's the perfect garment to reinvent myself as a silver screen 1950s siren ready for an evening exchanging witty one-liners through smirking red lips.

Alas, this year, we're fast forwarding our mental age by 50 years with a chilled evening of our favourite board games, films and a feast of our favourite foods. Pyjamas may be involved... with a bottle of fireball cinnamon whiskey and Irish cream fuelled hot chocolate. We're in for a wild night, ladies and gents. 

Despite staying indoors, I'm actually excited for tonight's plans. There's always a collective pressure to be assembled within a gathering of drunken strangers all partying into the early hours of the night - but this year, I'm taking a step back to unwind and fully enjoy my favourite simple pleasures through the comfort of a roaring fire. I can't wait to count down at 11:59 being surrounded by great company with no chattering teeth involved. Have I turned into an old lady overnight?

Whatever your plans may be, stay safe and have the best time bringing in the new year! Here's to 2015 being the best year yet - I can't wait to unfold new adventures :)

Now... who's turn is it to roll the dice?

2-Piece Pencil Dress - ASOS
Spring Break Silver Heels - ASOS
Rimmel Matte Kate Lipstick in Wine 107 


  1. I CANNOT deal with how gorgeous you look! The white dress is super duper sexy ! Happy new year lovely <3 xxx


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