Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Halloweekend: Pumpkin and Pancakes

Can you tell that I hold onto festivities and holiday decorations for as long as humanly possible? A week on, I'm still hankering after the smell of pumpkin, tea lights glimmering behind carved designs, overspilling bowls of sweets with orange and black bunting swinging from the ceilings.

As with tradition every year, Jordan's mum has done a perfect job of transforming the house and I can't help but get excited about the day all over again. Despite being a total wimp with horror films and scary stories, I absolutely love the build-up around Hallowe'en and I wish I'm sitting cross-legged with a slice of pumpkin pie on my lap!

Luckily, Christmas is only around the corner and I'm doing a fantastic job of updating everyone around me a daily countdown until the big day (much to their annoyance) so prepare yourselves for themed posts ;)

Until then, I uploaded a Halloweekend vlog of the most amazing pumpkin display in Slindon, a recipe for my matcha buckwheat pancakes and a mini adventure in the quaint historical town of Arundel - it was a good'un!

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