Sunday, 21 September 2014

Through My Lens #1: Sunsets in London

 photo D2BAFFA0-5171-44A7-B730-F6DE675F2C4C_zpsjdyyjfi5.jpg  photo 2B50D678-E8AE-4DAC-91FB-504EFFBE92ED_zpsutghd1og.jpg  photo 34F69A8C-E61B-4579-8534-D69DBE078D13_zps8elkw67n.jpg  photo 02FFB4D8-B37D-488B-BD59-D0E80DE34D4D_zpstiemrqkg.jpg  photo A31AE169-DB68-4FE4-966C-8BB1DEBF323C_zpsf5tsw4a0.jpg

London is a capital that thrives under constant change - it offers us new developments and flurries of the latest pop-ups yet it's easy to get lost in the motion of things. Trying to keep up with the rush often means we take for granted what's always been on our doorstep.

Lately, I've taken to skipping the underground in favour of long walks around the city with a goal of clocking in a daily target of 5 miles. I set off early with a good playlist and my camera stopping to capture the fleeting moments that catches the eye. Since doing so, I've built up a stream of snaps during my wanders and thought I'd share them on here for anyone who may be interested. I'm thankful for these windows of escape on days that stress comes knocking demanding to reign and overwhelm. It reminds me to reflect on my priorities and to shift my focus on the things that really matter.


  1. Corr blimey, wish I had your energy woman.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Miss your face. xxx


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