Wednesday, 24 September 2014

the peasant swing dress

If I could ever be an item of clothing, I'd happily be this one.

From the embroidered detailing, shoulder cut-outs to the flared sleeves, there's certainly an ethereal air about the dress that has me fluttering around like a forest nymph. The dress was an extremely kind gift from a colleague at work and she couldn't have given me a more perfect piece; it's gone to a loving home, Harriet! For those who may be interested, I've found a very similar dress from ASOS (which is currently on sale too so hurry over!)

Jordan and I have booked a 10-day trip to Texas and New York next month and with our fingers crossed that the weather will stay in the 30s, I'll be packing this little number with me ready to jump on haystacks and mingle with cowboys. I've been told that the chances of the above happening are very slim but I'm practising my best Texan drawl anyway... just in case.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous - love the different colours of your jewellery too :)

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