Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day-To-Night Summer Wishlist

Daisy Chain Dress - George @ Asda |  Pastel Stone Drop Earrings - Topshop | Floral Heeled Sandals - ASOS | Hologram Foldover Clutch - ASOS | Pink Daisy Earrings - Topshop | Gold Plated Leaf Bracelet - Topshop | Lemon Clutch - Monki | Mint Green Leather Sandals - ASOS  -

Summer is arriving - I can feel it in my fingers.

Well, I can feel it in my toes too when I'm kicking off the winter blanket that I'm still hesitant to pack away. I'm dreaming of mid-afternoon snoozes in the sun, mint chocolate ice cream dribbling down my chin and floating around town in a thin dress, floppy hat and leather sandals.

It's time, my friends, for a date with your Chip-and-PIN. I've had a daily peruse around my usual haunts and a few items have themselves a one-way ticket to my wardrobe. When an email from George (at Asda) landed in my inbox inviting my wary eyes to browse through their collection of frocks, I wasn't expecting much but was actually pleasantly surprised. The range is on trend and cheap as chips so in popped a dress... or three (much to the annoyance of my bank card)

The Voulez Vous monochrome number above particularly caught my eye - you all know that I can't resist a good Peter Pan collar. Throw in a 60s shape with a daisy chain print and I'm all in. After consulting my wishlist, I naturally decided to build the perfect day-to-night attire for a summertime affair - all in the same dress. 

The morning is all about bright punches of colour and flower power, baby. The lemon clutch is just asking for an outing in Brighton with a stroll along the beach and a seafood platter for lunch. Fast forward a few hours and you'll be slipping off your leather sandals to bust out your best moves with your favourite cocktail in hand in some floral platforms and a hologram clutch. 

Can I just wear everything now?

What would your perfect day-to-night summer outfit be?


For more swishy dresses, pop over to George at Asda and have a look at everything else on offer!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bluebells and Fairy Tales at Hyde Park

 photo DSC01956_zpsdcc3da49.jpg

Whilst I confessed to having a slight phobia of mud in a recent blogpost, the part of me that grew up with fairytales about magical lands and creatures that lived within the woods couldn't resist this little adventure.

After an hour of cycling around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, we stumbled upon this bluebell-filled area and didn't hesitate to hop off our bikes to explore. Living in London, it's easy to get swallowed up by the buzz of the city. When an opportunity strikes for you to cross over to a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of the roaring streets, you seize it and enjoy the temporary escape. 
   photo DSC01968_zps53895332.jpg photo DSC01954_zps04b70f59.jpg
(floral swing dress - ASOS, pink boyfriend coat - ZARA, necklaces - New Look & eBay, leather bracelet - Rome, cowboy boots - ZARA, panda tote - Primark)

An event like this calls for an explorer's uniform; form-fitting dresses and leather trousers are simply not allowed. I opted for a swing dress that danced along with me when I spun around and around on the grass and caught the wind as we rode through the soft breeze. 

We used to live on a road lined with cherry blossom trees and it was truly a magnificent sight as soon as spring arrived. On the way to school, I'd gaze up as the petals waltzed through the air and be lost in thought at the sheer beauty of it. Naturally, wrapping myself in this pink hued coat is my way of taking the cherry blossoms along with me.

 photo DSC01963_zps76bcb2c3.jpg  photo DSC01964_zps87923dfd.jpg  photo DSC01967_zps19f7e9c6.jpg  photo DSC01966_zps9788896f.jpg
 photo DSC01955_zps3429e687.jpg

You know what else a swing dress is good for?

Hiding a big ol' food baby after indulging in a mountain of sushi.

Prior to this, we attended a Yo! Sushi making course and *brushes shoulders* created these Japanese parcels like raw fish makin' ninjas. A food post on this will be coming up in the next few days on my food blog!
 photo yt.jpg  photo ins_1.jpg  photo tw_1.jpg  photo fb_1.jpg  photo bl_1.jpg