Wednesday, 30 April 2014

saviours, stripes, stories, sailors and sunsets

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Hello! It's been a while.

I've been struck down with a bad case of gastritis (or so we think) which has transformed me into the hunchback of London and I currently walk like an old lady. Scratch that, the elderly are walking more upright than I am. I've been ordered to bed and between my frequent naps, I thought I'd update this ol' space on the internet. I hope you've all been well!

Luckily, I have a backlog of outfit posts to show with you all. Hallelujah for planned content but apologies for the delay! This outfit combines all of my favourite things altogether: nautical stripes, sunsets, fedora hats and the sailor shade of blue.

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It's a breath of fresh air and a sayonora to our April showers.

Are we up for a little story time? Grab a hot cuppa - it's a good'un.

These pictures were taken before Jordan saved a man's life. After I was done chasing my runaway fedora hat across the green, we heard a 'SPLASH' and turned to the bottom of the hill. A man was holding onto the river bed with two teenagers trying to pull him up. We suddenly heard loud cries for help and in a blink of an eye, Jordan ran down with a whoosh of his cape (ok, I imagined this part) to rescue him and pulled him up.

I'd hate to imagine what would've happened if we hadn't been there but the man was safe, albeit a little embarrassed, and all was well. Jordan was knighted and the rest they say, is history.

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Alas, that was just another figment of my imagination. I've been catching up on Once Upon A Time so I've been dreaming of fairytales even more.

Do you have a story to share? I'll be back very soon with a new post including my Rome outfits!

I've missed writing on here so much!

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| striped top - asos | blazer - oasis | jeans - topshop | hat - asos | boots - river island |

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

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I've always loved the idea of snuggling into an oversized jumper...
...almost as much as it likes to make me look like a winter marshmallow.

What's the answer to my baggy knitted woes?
A fitted crop jumper.

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Ripped Jeans - New Look || Silver Spring Breaker Heels - ASOS || Aztec Cropped Jumper - River Island || Necklace - Rings and Tings

Imagine my joy when I spotted this monochrome aztec printed jumper? It's tight on the arms, slightly oversized around the mid-section and cropped at a flattering part of the stomach. No unsightly tummy buttons will be revealed here, folks!

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I pulled on my best denim in the form of these ripped boyfriend jeans from New Look and slipped my feet into my new silver Spring Breaker heels from ASOS. Somebody should probably take these jeans away from me as I've developed quite an unhealthy obsession with them. They seem to go with everything and it's perfect for spring - jeanius.

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These heels will take a few days to break in but I can't help but feel pretty swish when I'm click-clocking around in them. They're easy to walk in and they quite literally make me feel like a super woman... with pointed toes.

To smarten up your off-duty days or add a bit of 'shazam' to your ripped denim, these will be the perfect fit.

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This necklace was kindly sent to me by Rings and Tings and the combination of gold, wooden spikes and black rope tied itself perfectly to this ensemble! Black and gold is quite possibly one of my favourite combinations.

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This delightful background is actually his grandad's living room; You can't help but feel right at home and he's one of the kindest people I've ever met.

He fixed us up with a delicious mixed vegetable egg omelette and we all slumped by the fireplace in a lazy daze with our reclining armchairs. We were armed with a bowl of homemade honey popcorn and a yogurt-mixed fruit salad whilst we watched Roman Holiday (Audrey and Gregory Peck are my absolute favourites).

It was a pretty great afternoon! :)

Hoping to recreate this during the Easter weekend - what do you have planned?
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