Saturday, 22 March 2014

If Minnie Mouse Did Monochrome

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Hooray, it's the weekend! 

This is how I feel:
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The weather wizards may not have cast another bout of sunny spells our way but it doesn't mean our days off should be any less enchanting. 

I will be making a trip down to the south coast for a few days. As I'm typing this, my sister has informed me that she's whipped up a banquet ready for me to devour once I've hopped off the train - she knows the key to my heart. From homemade hummus, a healthy chicken curry with red rice to oatmeal banana cookies - I'm preparing my stomach for a gastronimical adventure. Saying that, I'll probably undo all the good work as soon as I step foot in Brighton with an evening of food, cocktails and cheesy 90s films planned in Hannah's fairy lit den. The last time I stayed, we ended up playing drinking games to High School Musical with matching Adventure Time snapbacks but that's a story for another time...

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After a recent (much needed) hair chop and the decision to go ahead with the 'center part' immigration, I christened the new 'do with a denim headband and a swishy 50s inspired ensemble. If Minnie Mouse did monochrome, she would feel right at home with this number. I should probably have left those stripey socks at home but I raise them in proud defiance and challenge thou to a louder pair (of socks, mind) least they match. I recently resorted to a mix of Christmas pudding and festive pug socks as their other halves decided to go on another permanent holiday with my family of hair pins.

Have a great weekend!

polka dot swing top - ASOS | black pinafore dress - New Look | brogues - Simmi Shoes* 

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