Tuesday, 25 March 2014

welcome spring, you've been lovely so far

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On this particularly sunny day, I decided on an ensemble that I was sure would put a lively spring in my step. I put on my white blouse with the peekaboo bow detail on the back, slipped on a bright orange skater skirt and stepped into my black ankle boots with the golden zips on the side. There's also nothing quite like pulling your hair into a messy bun and feeling the warm spring breeze curl itself around your neck.

 photo DSC00873_zps42a9a07e.jpg  photo DSC00876_zpsd19b020a.jpg

With my spring uniform in place, I proceeded to run out of the door with my camera in hand. We stopped to marvel at the blossom trees and paused outside old Victorian houses imagining the kind of stories that were waiting to be told.

We breathed in the fresh air and let our skin soak up the afternoon sun. Dear winter, whilst you brought us golden leaves, evenings by the fire and big mugs of piping hot tea - I think I'm ready to say goodbye to you for another year.

 photo 48f0b2dd-2615-4e53-bc5e-2cc46b5ac8ce_zps3a141244.jpg  photo 48ba9804-48b1-43a1-a611-e13b2f701f7d_zps04e6f338.jpg  photo af0c1ca8-d9ce-4799-8b04-c3e5c2e6f3c7_zpsb98959b7.jpg

What else do you do when you're wearing a floaty skater skirt?

You spin, twirl and swing until you're feeling delirious with happiness in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Welcome spring, you've been lovely so far. I'd quite like you to stick around until summer arrives.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

If Minnie Mouse Did Monochrome

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Hooray, it's the weekend! 

This is how I feel:
   photo DSC00840_zps5f972a0c.jpg

The weather wizards may not have cast another bout of sunny spells our way but it doesn't mean our days off should be any less enchanting. 

I will be making a trip down to the south coast for a few days. As I'm typing this, my sister has informed me that she's whipped up a banquet ready for me to devour once I've hopped off the train - she knows the key to my heart. From homemade hummus, a healthy chicken curry with red rice to oatmeal banana cookies - I'm preparing my stomach for a gastronimical adventure. Saying that, I'll probably undo all the good work as soon as I step foot in Brighton with an evening of food, cocktails and cheesy 90s films planned in Hannah's fairy lit den. The last time I stayed, we ended up playing drinking games to High School Musical with matching Adventure Time snapbacks but that's a story for another time...

   photo 5392b3a6-276c-4318-8d83-78cb13c58391_zps5749b51f.jpg

After a recent (much needed) hair chop and the decision to go ahead with the 'center part' immigration, I christened the new 'do with a denim headband and a swishy 50s inspired ensemble. If Minnie Mouse did monochrome, she would feel right at home with this number. I should probably have left those stripey socks at home but I raise them in proud defiance and challenge thou to a louder pair (of socks, mind)

...at least they match. I recently resorted to a mix of Christmas pudding and festive pug socks as their other halves decided to go on another permanent holiday with my family of hair pins.

Have a great weekend!

polka dot swing top - ASOS | black pinafore dress - New Look | brogues - Simmi Shoes* 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

How I Met The Neon Boucle Blazer

 photo DSC00860_zpse4f3f361.jpg
 photo DSC00856_zps25af262e.jpg

I've had my eyes on this neon boucle blazer for a little over a year now.

My bank account shook its head at me when it was full price and the words 'out of stock' popped up when it landed in the sale. One day last week, I was mindlessly wandering through the bright corridors of ASOS peering at the goods on offer when I stumbled upon my old friend, the neon boucle blazer. 

At first, it raised its eyebrows at me and gave me the cold shoulder before ushering me away to whisper 'I'm on sale for £17.50, in your size and the last in stock!' I didn't need telling twice, I snapped it up and whisked it away from ASOS' hands.

The rest they say, is history.

 photo DSC00858_zpsf366942d.jpg  photo DSC00851_zps37dbdcc5.jpg  photo DSC00855_zpsdef6da73.jpg  photo DSC00853_zpse8d8e60c.jpg

The sun decided to celebrate our reunion with glorious spring weather last weekend. 

'Go on, take it out for a spin!' 

I slipped on my leather trousers, rummaged through Jordan's wardrobe (boys have the best graphic tees) and rushed out of the door with my blue Topshop bag dangling from the crook of my arm. To make the most of the sunshine, we decided to go on a little adventure around town before stopping to visit a newly opened ice-cream parlour. It was great.

We even have plans for the blazer to join me to my trip to Rome next month. We can have gelato, gaze at the Colosseum and end the trip with the finest pizza. There's still three weeks to decide but I've already convinced another t-shirt and my pair of denim shorts to join us too.

I don't want to sound too hopeful so early on but I think this neon boucle blazer is my new favourite thing.

 photo photo25_zpse393e391.jpg  photo photo14_zpsdffd015b.jpg


neon boucle blazer - asos
graphic tshirt - h&m 
faux leather biker trousers - asos
blue wing bag - topshop
ankle boots - river island

Monday, 17 March 2014

leather and fur

uk style blogger british fashion blogger how to style leather trousers

If in doubt, clad yourself head to toe in black.

It's a fail-safe option that I often opt for on desperate/lazy/uninspiring (delete as applicable) days and it encourages me to experiment with different textures and prints. I love the oversized furry jumper that I'm cuddled up against. I threw in some biker charm with the fitted leather trousers and combined style with comfort with the thick sporty wedges.

Style doesn't always have to overthrow comfort; an all black outfit doesn't have to be confined to a pair of black skinny jeans and a cardigan either. Sling on a bit of height, add in the sheen of leather, burrow yourself in a blanket of faux fur and you're ready to head out of the door. Don't forget to put on your favourite gold jewellery either - you never know when a Time-Turner will come in handy...

-black furry jumper - new look 
- faux leather trousers - asos petite
- black sporty wedges - shoe zone*
- time-turner - gift
- gold pendant - new look

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Something Borrowed

 photo DSC00756_zps719dbe1b.jpg

Hold yer horses, I'm not getting married anytime soon.

The lace top above has been in the family for a tiny bit longer than me - my mum bought it when she was roughly my age. It resembles a net curtain and I love it. I often like to roll the sleeves up all the way to my elbows and imagine my mum doing the exact same thing twenty three years ago. Vintage clothing fascinates me - there are so many stories waiting to be told about a person's discarded possessions and I like to imagine each one unfolding ready to embrace a new chapter with each new owner.

 photo DSC00757_zps3bb62c87.jpg

There's nothing worse than cold feet (except a lukewarm cuppa with icicles for toes) so these wooly socks and Dr Marten shearling-lined Serena boots helped to keep my tootsies warm despite us not going on an adventurous expedition with an Indiana Jones-eque Poet hat to match. I was in the mood to go on long country walks that day but instead chose to curl up under a thick blanket with a cup of hot tea and a familiar TV series playing in the background. The green knitted cardigan kept me deliciously warm and hugged me during the times my body let out little shivers when faced with the last dregs of the winter air.

 photo DSC00758_zps785f56ae.jpg

I think I'll raid the depths of my mother's wardrobe for more ancient clothing finds. I'll conjure up a series of magical tales and stories from the 60s. Watch this space, I'll be sure to let you in on them.

 photo DSC00760_zpsb4224844.jpg

Did I mention the time my mum thought a 100ml bottle of D&G Light Blue was a room spray? She thought it was a gift and would randomly spray it to freshen up her bedroom. No need to say that I whipped the perfume right out of her hands pretty swiftly. I'm hoping her wardrobe will have a similar effect - coo-eee Chanel bag, where are you hidin'?

[lace top - vintage, green slouchy cardigan - romwe (bought on Depop), gold necklace - new look, legging trousers - zara, dr marten serena boots]

Friday, 7 March 2014

The 'I Rolled Out Of Bed' Look

 photo DSC00523_zps85f56daf.jpg  photo DSC00525_zpsd5f310c6.jpg  photo DSC00524_zpsd8398464.jpg  photo DSC00526_zps31839f36.jpg

There are days I roll out of bed, take a quick glance at my clothing rails and draw a blank as to what to wear. Oh, what trivial matters - it's not going to get much deeper than that today, folks. I often base the day's outfit on my mood at the time. In this case, I decided to conjure up a pick 'n' mix of the first few words flitting across my mind and so behold, my take on a lazy modern bohemian vibe.

This cream coloured swing top has seen me through season to season; it's a piece that I often grab on the days that I have to coax myself out of my pyjama top with the compromise that I'm slipping myself into something equally as cosy... and more socially acceptable to go to work in. Please let me know when a 'Wear Your PJs To Work' day becomes the law.

I pulled on my trainer wedges to give me some much needed height and eliminated my bed hair with this faux fur headband. I'm not normally one to opt for animal print but there's something about this particular accessory that makes me swoon (and my hair rejoice). It's  an obnoxious piece and sits awkwardly on my head but I love it so. This human tea cosy keeps my head warm and I can't help but feel magnificent when it's on. It's my answer to Indiana Jones' Poet hat; a crown I adorn ready for me to go on a treacherous journey of challenges and dangers... or in this case, my daily commute to work but just play along with me here...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rings & Tings Jewellery Review

Happy Monday!

 photo DSC00764_zps85454bbf.jpg

I'm a jewellery magpie. If I see a flash of gold, a silver chain or a glint of a pearlescent finish - it doesn't take long before I home in on it with a 'my prrrrrecious' stroke. So when Rings & Tings contacted me asking if I was interested in reviewing some of their pieces, I leapt at the chance and prepared for the Gollum in me to take over. Everything on site is affordable and gives my usual choices of Topshop, ASOS and H&M a run for their money, the quality isn't shabby either! 

You know how I like to create little stories out of my outfits or base them on characters from a TV show/film? Accessories are no different. 

 photo DSC00767_zps916137de.jpg  photo DSC00768_zpseb3caf05.jpg

This collar is an absolute dream to look at - just look at the red velvet dotted with the pearls on the collar swoooon *insert heart-shaped eyes emoji*. It makes me feel like a lady swishing about in a fancy frock from the era of Downton Abbey or Mr Selfridge. For a more modern approach, this will dress up round neck tops and smarten the wardrobe basic; it'd be a great choice to wear underneath jumpers with a higher neckline too.

 photo DSC00765_zps3428b09d.jpg

This isn't quite the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic but it didn't stop me from pretending that it was a red crystal version of it. It's been my long pendant necklace of choice lately and adds a girly touch to my more casual/grungier outfit choices. The wings detailing makes me conjure up a 'this is actually a secret time traveller necklace passed down from the ancient times' tale too. Does anyone else like to think that antique looking necklaces have magical powers? Just me? 

 photo DSC00766_zps757d6969.jpg

This doesn't spin a crazy story in my mind but I do have a penchant for above the knuckle rings. The problem is, the sausage fingers I used to possess aren't quite as plump as they used to be. Aside from the thicker gold one fitting well, the rest are too big and ended up as normal rings - something to consider for those interested! There's summin' about midi rings that makes everything look slightly cooler than it originally was.  

For those based outside of the UK, Rings & Tings offer free worldwide deliver over £35/€42/$55. Don't let the name fool you, they also sell bags, sweatshirts and dresses too. Guess where this bag lady is heading to next?

Thanks to Rings & Tings for kindly sending me these pieces to review. Just a quick disclosure note, I'd like to emphasise that this would never affect my opinion on the products. If I'm not comfortable with the idea of spending my own pennies on something, I would never recommend it to my readers/viewers so you can be rest assured that this in written with complete honesty : )

Hope you all had a great weekend, pancake day tomorrow! If you fancy making a two-ingredient stack that looks and tastes like the traditional thing, may I suggest (a shameless plug) my latest video on my healthy banana pancakes with cinnamon apple slices? ;)

Happy eating!
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