Wednesday, 19 February 2014

xoxo Gossip Girl

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I love Gossip Girl.

It started off my obsession with New York, it's contributed to the majority of my wardrobe choices and I always apply the question 'what would Blair Waldolf wear/do/say' to most situations. That's a little sad, isn't it? For Christmas this year, I'd like a (wild) life but for now, I'll live vicariously through these folks living on the Upper East Side. 

 I've always adored the Constance Billard uniform and this would be my grown-up attempt of trying to replicate the precise tailoring, structure and components of the outfit. Given that it's all black, I'd happily wear it to work, dinner and smart casual events. The dark attire purposely doesn't include a white crisp shirt (with an accompanying tie) to take it away from its obvious school girl inspiration. Whilst I'm all for tartan skirts and Peter Pan collars, this leather alternative is reserved for an 'independent lady' kind of day.

Are you ever inspired to dress like a character from a TV show?

Please say that I'm not the only one.

[Leather top - Zara, school blazer - H&M, watch - Michael Kors, rings - H&M, skinny jeans - Topshop, boots - New Look]

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