Friday, 21 February 2014

goosebumps came knocking to say that it wasn't yet the right time

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Winter has been good to us this year.

Aside from a few occasions that it's arrived in floods of tears, it's so far held back and hasn't given us the ultimate cold shoulder with its snowy tantrums yet. Saying that, I've most probably provoked an oncoming shower of icicles and slippery surfaces.

Dare I say that I've been dreaming for summer to arrive?

The sun seems to agree. I've been waking up to bright bursts of warmth filling every corner of my room each morning and I'm in serious talks with my winter scarves and coats about an early hibernation. I stepped out in cobalt blue jeans and a midriff-baring top the other day but goosebumps came knocking to say that it wasn't yet the right time.

I'm counting down the days until my wooly socks are replaced with leather sandals; I'm yearning for my parka to be swapped with cotton dresses dotted with daisies and sun-kissed faces. Gelato. Lazy mornings. Ice cold drinks with a slice of watermelon. Sunglasses. Sandy feet.

I have my fingers firmly crossed for an earlier arrival this year, summer. 

Please don't let me down.

[crop top - primark, cobalt polka dot jeans - zara, blazer - h&m, boots - topshop]


  1. Oo I love the jeans, and your abs <3

  2. love the outfit :)
    Love Rhoda

  3. Love this outfit!


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