Monday, 20 January 2014

New Food Blog and January Clothing Haul

Happy Monday! 

 I hope you've all had an amazing weekend! I spent most of mine eating, sleeping and watching Chuck in bed. Bliss. 

 Just a quick note from me today - if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you may already know this but I have a new food blog! About time, right? I kept hijacking this blog with occasional frequent food posts so it seemed appropriate to start a separate one so food ramblings can continue without interfering with this! You'll find it under Shu likes Food. I know, bonus points for coming up with such an original name. *brushes off shoulders*

So far, I have a Pizza Union and Patty and Bun review up on the blog but expect a lot more clean-eating posts and healthy meal ideas etc to go up during the week. Scheduled posts during the week days will be health-based and the weekend will feature calorie-drippin' meals out with restaurant reviews and cheats. We all need treats every now and again, right? Right.  

Sneak peak of the breakfast post going up later this week:

 photo image_zps26b92e0b.jpg

Can't get enough of dat egg yolk.

Whilst I'm sat here shamelessly plugging myself, I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel last night. It's my January clothing haul featuring ASOS, Topshop, Zara and Monki etc. Quick warning, I was in an extremely chirpy and 'dapper' mood whilst filming this so I may have been a little too excitable. I've also seemed to have accumulated four new pink jumpers too... woops.

I hope you're all having a great day so far! : )


  1. I am extremely excited about the food blog! i couldn't find the GFC button for it :-( I neeeeeed to follow your food blog nowwwwww! yumminess! xx

  2. I've been following your blog and youtube for ages and literally love everything you do!

    I've just started a blog of my own but it's about cooking rather beauty, would love it if you had a look. Appreciate all the support and advice :)


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