Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday: December 1st and a Request to Relax

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There's something very perfect about having December 1st arrive on a Sunday... SANTA IS NEARLY HERE (and Rudolph too, he's my favourite).

With 24 days to go until Christmas, the tree is up, the baubles are dancing on the branches and the fairy lights are twinklin' away at Jordan's house! I'm feeling so very festive and I'm itching to watch a Christmas film once the Man United match is over ;)

My monthly haul video will be up later on today too and I'm ready to export two other videos for the next week with another two planned on the way! I wrote out my filming schedule from December - January and have nine videos planned for the following weeks. Phew! 

I'm in desperate need of some tips on how to relax and switch off mentally so I uploaded a recent LUSH bubble bath and my weekend triple chocolate avocado cookies a la The Londoner as an attempt to persuade my mind into slowing down. A few Sundays ago, I had a Bath & Body Works Leaves candle burning, a LUSH comforter running underneath the taps and a festive bath bomb thrown in the mix to create a purple/pink glitter bath. Everything was perfect but I still couldn't wind down. I was going through my mental to-do list, drafting emails, writing notes on my phone and was planning every activity that followed in the next three hours to do before bedtime. I should've just kicked back, relaxed and quite frankly shoo'ed off the stress that kept sprinting around my brain. The thing is, I think I've forgotten how to just sit down to enjoy the art of simply doing nothing. Good thing Christmas is arriving soon , ey?!

On a happier note, I can't recommend these avocado cookies enough. Hold on a second, avocados... cookies... say wah? I recently found a recipe on Rosie's blog on gluten-free cookies and spied a lonely ripe avocado rolling around my kitchen. AHA! I then got to work and oh my, they're gooey, fudgey and yummy. VERY yummy. Jordan hates the green stoned fruit and requested another two batches too! No fear, you can't taste the secret ingredient either and they're definitely more guilt-free than the traditional ones. I can' recommend them enough. In classic Art Attack mode, 'try it yourself'.

What are you doing on the first day of December? : )


  1. I seriously love your photography! Those avocado cookies look so good too xx

  2. I can't believe it's almost Christmas already, crazy!! xo


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