Friday, 22 November 2013

OUTFIT: Oriental meets Autumn with a side of Leopard Print

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Hurray, it's Friday!

After a hectic week of a dodgy winter/food bug, planning work events and last minute stress bombs - I am welcoming the weekend with open arms although I know I'll still manically be checking my work emails like a mad woman - I can't seem to relax when I know I have projects half finished that I could complete on a saturday/sunday! Wild one, me.

As the Starks would say, winter is coming. I've been layering up to recreate my annual fashion tradition: a seasonal marshmallow. Sequin dresses? Pfft. They've taken a back seat and I've been reaching for my thick snuggly jumpers and cosy tights instead (re: wild me). I've been recycling a fair share of my spring/summer wardrobe for the colder weather - namely the botanical printed silk-like shirt that you see above. The Oriental inspired pattern initially drew me in and it reminded me of the cute Japanese restaurant uniforms that I had only dreamed about during my Chinese takeaway days. Oh, the glamour!

If you have any chiffon/silk/light shirts that you'd quite like to transition for winter, opt for a relatively high rounded neck jumper to layer above the piece for a 'peek-a-boo' collar effect. If I had to pin my style to one particular influence, a preppy look would come up on top and this outfit combination would be the leading lady. It can be tailored to suit most occasions and it nails the whole androgynous vibe with still an injection of soft femininity from the colour palette. I decided to make it look extremely autumnal with shades of berries and neutrals.

Want to shake it up a bit more? Add an unexpected print. The furry leopard print headband undoubtedly clashes with the florals of the shirt but I strangely like the unlikely pairing. You know what they say, opposites attract.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

[botanical floral shirt - H&M, burgundy jumper with elbow patches - Primark, furry leopard headband - River Island, black leggings - ZARA, rose gold watch - Michael Kors, gold choker necklace - Forever 21]


  1. I love your shirt! Such a lovely floral pattern!

    Emma x

  2. You look lovely, Shu! Hope you're better from the winter/food bug! Enjoy the weekend! xxx


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