Tuesday, 19 November 2013

OUTFIT: Granny Chic Renewed

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With the news that we're about to experience the 'worst winter in sixty years' hitting every tabloid (I swear the newspapers say this every year?!) - it's Christmas count down time. I've been digging out my best 'granny/grandpa' jumpers and I'm ready to rock 'n' roll. This is serious business, guys.

Whilst I've been rolling around in my onesie (to get 20% off your very own OnePiece, read my post here) during my off-duty days, my day to day work outfits have to seem a bit more, well,... presentable. I say this as I'm strolling in with an oversized bright mango jumper with a furry purple 'J' on - ahem.

I've been known to ask my friends' grandparents (and my uncle) where they had bought their patterned jumpers from:"Oh, this old thing? I've had it for bloomin' years!" - darn.

With this in mind, I've been trawling through boxes in charity shops, car boot sales and eBay for abandoned jumpers ready for a new home and it's something that I thoroughly recommend you to do (after a good few washes, of course!) It's cheaper than what a typical vintage shop would sell and you can find some truly unique pieces. No more 'oh yay... we both have the same 'old' jumper from Topshop' situations.

This coral number was 90p from a carboot. As I'm not a big fan of low rounded necklines, it only seemed fitting to pair a sleeveless aztec collar shirt underneath. It immediately transform a casual knitted top into something far more polished looking and it keeps your neck away from the freezing cold weather outside. No turkey necks to see here, folks.

Are you a fan of granny chic?

Have you ever found some truly amazing treasures from a carboot/charity shop?

[coral knitted top - vintage, aztec collar shirt - topshop, gold choker necklace, forever 21, black leggings, zara]


  1. I like how your style has changed since you started blogging :) This looks very you and suits you perfectly :) Not that the old stuff didn't. It's just nice to see, how your style transforms together with your personality changing :)

    Renate from thecuriousklutz.blogspot.dk

  2. I love how you've layered the knitted top and blouse! x

  3. This is such a cute outfit! By the way, I bought the weekend bag from Rockport in brown! Intrigued to see how much of my stuff will fit in when I go away this weekend!!



  4. such a super cute vintage inspired look! x


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