Thursday, 28 November 2013

Feelin' Foxy

 photo a49eb1c7-9a1c-4662-805d-6c660ac08ebc_zps9a2d7207.jpg  photo IMG_0182_zps5e707e10.jpg  photo f9a8a4d6-fe38-4b43-9240-43b2f6d9dee3_zps54c03669.jpg  photo IMG_0189_zps4c6bbb2f.jpg  photo IMG_0181_zps4e7facdb.jpg
Today is a good day. 

What makes it better? 
This fox hat.

It was a weekend purchase at H&M and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with it. I've since bought a fox printed smock (look out for its appearance on here soon!) and I've been eating my almonds out of my fox printed snack box. It may be another one of my phases but it's an animal that I'm keen to welcome into my winter wardrobe. Just step riiiight in. 

I kept the outfit monochrome to avoid this foxy hat being overshadowed by obnoxiously colourful pieces so out came a striped top and my leather contrast sleeve coat from Zara. Without the headwear, it's a very classic pairing with a nod to Parisian chic with a side order of androgynous styling. Combine it with a foxy hat? Well, that's a whole other story. Whilst I normally favour a polished and 'preppy' look - it can sometimes look a little boring and monotonous. Add in an unexpected accessory and voila! It makes it fun. If you find that your day-to-day outfits are following a repetitive routine, throw in something unpredictable to mix it up.

P.S. Is a fox a feline or a canine? I did a quick Google search and was presented with conflicting answers. They're meant to be related to wolves, dingos and coyotes but their features seem more cat-like to me. Foxy feline?

[Fox hat - H&M, striped top - H&M, leather sleeve coat - ZARA, black leggings - ZARA]

Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekend Round Up #6

Weekend round ups, it's been a while. Forgive me for not storing your last few weeks' worth of memories online but our pal BT Infinity will be comin' to stay for good next week. Just hold on and make yourself comfortable for summary #6.

You know me, I often remember my events from the food that I've eaten. This one has been no different so I hope you've had breakfast (or at least plan to after this post). Friday's usual porridge after my train journey was replaced with a warm cinnamon roll from Nordic Bakery. I thought I'd surprise my sisters and Jordan with their favourite pastry to start the weekend off nicely so off I trotted to Golden Square after work.

Saturday was the most exciting. It started off with holiday shopping, Christmas decorations gazing and dim sum - my long lost friend. Oh, how I've missed the dumplings and buns. We feasted on a lunchtime banquet and I'm drooling at the thought of it. It was lovely to catch up with my sisters and mum over croquettes, steamed cake and a cup of jasmine tea.

UK fashion blogger The evening was what I've been waiting for all week... Eeep. Jordan had booked a surprise for me at 7pm that night for my post-graduation present. He remained tight-lipped about the gift but thankfully gave me one clue to tide me over for the two weeks prior to the event: the theme was nostalgia. I was convinced that I had cracked it but he always wins, that clever man.

We walked right past my guess, walked along the Brighton promenade before he stopped, paused and slyly exclaimed:

"I said the theme was nostalgia... But not for the both of us. It's nostalgia for... You."
british fashion blogger
I looked up and The Regency restaurant positively beamed at us. It welcomed us with twinkly lights and an invitation for us to try the tastiest local seafood the South Coast has to offer.

SQUEEEEE. It's been my favourite seafood restaurant since I've been little. I have been raving about it to Jordan for the past 4 years and we've always said that we'd try it. We never got round to it... Until now. Can we all pause for a minute and collectively appreciate Jordan's effort into organising all of this? Can somebody get the man a medal?

We kickstarted the evening with calamari (his favourite) and smoked salmon (mine) with a swig of cranberry juice (and coke for the gentleman).
The Regency Brighton  photo image_zps18c82619.jpg  photo image_zps0338c3af.jpg
The main course was a no brainer. My childhood favourite: Lobster Thermidor. Although I'm not normally a cheese kinda gal, this dish has been done right. A whole lobster divided into halves, mixed in with herbs and cheese sauce before being baked for a crisp cheese lid. The lobster meat has been perfectly cooked, it's tender and the sauce complemented it completely.

We ordered a side dish of garlic bread to mop up the last remains of ze juices - it would have been rude not to, ey?
 photo image_zps6b4ad675.jpg
We'd normally stop at a two-course meal but Jordan wanted us to have the full experience so we opted for dessert too. Yay! Definitely gold medal material. The most hilarious waiter (with a posh ol' accent) recommended the pistachio belladonna and homemade rhubarb crumble with custard. It was heavenly. The ice cream was strong with flavour and had been dotted with pistachio nuts too. It took us right back to the gelato from Milan last summer.

The rhubarb crumble was a British classic and each bite was met with a 'MMMmmmm...' And closed eyes. It's Jordan's favourite dessert and ugh you so! The custard was thick, luxuriously creamy and warmed up our cold winter evenings.  photo image_zps541e47e4.jpg With a full stomach and a grin from ear to ear, we left hand in hand with the promise of coming back to visit again soon. Date night wasn't over yet... Jordan drove to Brighton marina in his recently refurbished Austin Mini (a true beaut and a prized possession of his after spending the last five months giving it a face lift. The reward is a masterpiece for the eyes with its polished paintwork and sleek metallic interior). What was our plan? Thor 2!
 photo image_zps7f8729be.jpg  photo image_zpsd6d9c7b2.jpg  photo image_zps4886357b.jpg We were armed with popcorn and a Terry's chocolate orange. The Marvel creation didn't disappoint as expected and we were both pleased with Zachary Levi's appearance. The man can do wrong!

Sunday was a festive day. Over ripe bananas only meant one thing... Wholemeal honey banana bread. We baked it and Jordan's mum experimented with a gingerbread men recipe... They turned into abominable snowmen but were tasty all the same!
 photo image_zpsc65e611b.jpg  photo image_zps16c4494f.jpg
The rest of the evening was spend in my Pikashu onesie and a lazy evening with a home cooked meal with my sisters and mum. Can weekends forever be like this one?
 photo image_zps6cf7e215.jpg
It's true what they say, it's always the little things that matter the most and for me? Nothing beats great food with even better company on a cold winter's weekend.

Friday, 22 November 2013

OUTFIT: Oriental meets Autumn with a side of Leopard Print

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Hurray, it's Friday!

After a hectic week of a dodgy winter/food bug, planning work events and last minute stress bombs - I am welcoming the weekend with open arms although I know I'll still manically be checking my work emails like a mad woman - I can't seem to relax when I know I have projects half finished that I could complete on a saturday/sunday! Wild one, me.

As the Starks would say, winter is coming. I've been layering up to recreate my annual fashion tradition: a seasonal marshmallow. Sequin dresses? Pfft. They've taken a back seat and I've been reaching for my thick snuggly jumpers and cosy tights instead (re: wild me). I've been recycling a fair share of my spring/summer wardrobe for the colder weather - namely the botanical printed silk-like shirt that you see above. The Oriental inspired pattern initially drew me in and it reminded me of the cute Japanese restaurant uniforms that I had only dreamed about during my Chinese takeaway days. Oh, the glamour!

If you have any chiffon/silk/light shirts that you'd quite like to transition for winter, opt for a relatively high rounded neck jumper to layer above the piece for a 'peek-a-boo' collar effect. If I had to pin my style to one particular influence, a preppy look would come up on top and this outfit combination would be the leading lady. It can be tailored to suit most occasions and it nails the whole androgynous vibe with still an injection of soft femininity from the colour palette. I decided to make it look extremely autumnal with shades of berries and neutrals.

Want to shake it up a bit more? Add an unexpected print. The furry leopard print headband undoubtedly clashes with the florals of the shirt but I strangely like the unlikely pairing. You know what they say, opposites attract.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

[botanical floral shirt - H&M, burgundy jumper with elbow patches - Primark, furry leopard headband - River Island, black leggings - ZARA, rose gold watch - Michael Kors, gold choker necklace - Forever 21]

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lunch at Borough Market (Vloggers Edition)

 photo IMG_0268_zps4e282c76.jpg  photo IMG_0266_zpsc0a3e5f0.jpg


Friends, food, fashion and filming? Four glorious 'Fs' that's bound to make anyone's autumn afternoon just that much better. If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll know that I took a lunchtime trip last Thursday to meet Onna, Carly and Rhiannon at Borough Market for lunch with plans for pizza, cocktails and plenty o' frolicking in the evening. It was the first time that we had met but it most definitely felt like we had all known each other for longer. I'm also pleased to report that they're just as beautiful in real life (and a lot weirder than they are on video but that's why I love 'em ;D)

We feasted on brownies, browsed the cheese stalls (the others inhaled the scent, I gingerly stepped away from the wheels of cheddar), gulped down hot spicy cider and munched on salt 'n' pepper chilli squid. Let's not forget about the amount of free food samples available too - Rhiannon and I took a sneaky detour away from the others just so we could eat some walnut turkish delights. We regret nothing.

 photo IMG_0255_zpsa945a466.jpg photo IMG_0248_zps8109a1c1.jpg photo IMG_0252_zps7831c23b.jpg[dog printed shirt - zara, school blazer - h&m, faux leather shorts - new look, brogues - simmi shoes*, trilby hat - urban outfitters]

After lunch, we found a quaint and quiet cathedral situated near London Bridge, dumped our bags and proceeded to 'do our thang'. Lookbooks were filmed, vlogs were... vlogged and a bit o' twerkin' even happened. Innocent bystanders watched us with bemusement and it felt so refreshing to be able to film with three other girls who just... got it. There were no 'oh, could you just erm... take a picture of my outfit to put on... my... blog' moments nor were there raised eyebrows when one of us would exclaim 'Stop! I need to put this on Instagram.' They are definitely signs of social media addicts though.
 photo IMG_0243_zps39175316.jpg  photo IMG_0283_zps71dcb84c.jpg  photo IMG_0284_zps3f119ce5.jpg  photo IMG_0251_zpsf99946b6.jpg  photo IMG_0223_zps5cdb11f7.jpg
Quick note: I'm very picky when it comes to squid... especially salt 'n' pepper squid at that. It has to be fried just right and this was a perfect example of what I mean. Lightly battered, golden, crisp on the outside with a tang of the lemon sauce to complement it. Beautiful. Definitely recommend you to grab this from the paella stand! The owner was lovely too!
 photo IMG_0220_zps1c6ee4e4.jpg
 photo IMG_0215_zps5e852454.jpg  photo IMG_0202_zps97ee8116.jpg  photo IMG_0280_zps1c2d0c23.jpg photo IMG_0276_zps601ca3d1.jpg

*sobs* My favourite pastry of them all. I watched from the sides and my stomach fought to have it. Alas, I resisted and can only gaze at its beauty in photo form instead. Until next time, almond croissant. Wait for Paris next month until I can justify eatin' you (and your pals). 

After this, we all headed back to Onna and Carly's hotel room, filmed some videos in bed (ooo-er), headed to Soho for pizza at B-Soho (the Donna Vegetariana was extremely good value for money, had a great 'smokiness' to it from the wood oven method and wasn't greasy in ze slightest!) We met up with Brooke, Milly, Liz and Jen at the restaurant and it was so lovely to meet them all and get to know each other over cocktails and food! One of my favourite moments? The few minutes of concentrated silence when the pizzas first arrived - our table was lit up by all of our iPhones focusing on the food for an Instagram post. Oh, bloggers ey?

Want to see this whole day wrapped up in a 5 minute video? Onna, Carly and Rhiannon's outfits included? Well, of course you do, old sport! I've embedded it below. Let me know what you think if you do have a peek, I hope you enjoy it! : )

What are your favourite spots for lunch?!

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

OUTFIT: Granny Chic Renewed

 photo fe910a57-e428-4ea8-88c3-b7b717a390f2_zps4b4b3cbd.jpg  photo c497b1c5-bd1c-43ff-a8d1-bf2a9407bae0_zps9fbcf92b.jpg  photo IMG_0167_zps95760954.jpg

With the news that we're about to experience the 'worst winter in sixty years' hitting every tabloid (I swear the newspapers say this every year?!) - it's Christmas count down time. I've been digging out my best 'granny/grandpa' jumpers and I'm ready to rock 'n' roll. This is serious business, guys.

Whilst I've been rolling around in my onesie (to get 20% off your very own OnePiece, read my post here) during my off-duty days, my day to day work outfits have to seem a bit more, well,... presentable. I say this as I'm strolling in with an oversized bright mango jumper with a furry purple 'J' on - ahem.

I've been known to ask my friends' grandparents (and my uncle) where they had bought their patterned jumpers from:"Oh, this old thing? I've had it for bloomin' years!" - darn.

With this in mind, I've been trawling through boxes in charity shops, car boot sales and eBay for abandoned jumpers ready for a new home and it's something that I thoroughly recommend you to do (after a good few washes, of course!) It's cheaper than what a typical vintage shop would sell and you can find some truly unique pieces. No more 'oh yay... we both have the same 'old' jumper from Topshop' situations.

This coral number was 90p from a carboot. As I'm not a big fan of low rounded necklines, it only seemed fitting to pair a sleeveless aztec collar shirt underneath. It immediately transform a casual knitted top into something far more polished looking and it keeps your neck away from the freezing cold weather outside. No turkey necks to see here, folks.

Are you a fan of granny chic?

Have you ever found some truly amazing treasures from a carboot/charity shop?

[coral knitted top - vintage, aztec collar shirt - topshop, gold choker necklace, forever 21, black leggings, zara]

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Ultimate Lazy Sunday Outfit: OnePiece Onesie (+ exclusive 20% discount code for you!)


Abandon your makeup bag and hang up your posh Sunday dress, today is strictly reserved for your comfiest pair of pyjamas or your favourite onesie. Whether you're nursing a sore head or a dodgy bout of food poisoning/winter bug like me today (bleeughh), I forbid you to doll yourself up - resign yourself back to bed for a well deserved rest.
 photo 1sie2_zpse59ac83c.jpg

What will I be lounging around in today? A onesie, of course! OnePiece very kindly offered to send me one of their Jump In jumpsuits to review and it was an offer that I couldn't refuse. We all know how I feel about clothes that feel like PJs, burying myself in a jumpsuit that sews together a sweatshirt and slouchy bottoms? Come to mama. I chose the Marius Onesie and the blend of grey, white and navy alongside the geometrical Marius print just screamed out 'cosy winter nights in' to me. I'm a huge fan of anything that reminds me of Christmas (it's never too soon to feel festive and that Michael Buble album has been on repeat since November 1st). 

Sizing wise, I chose an XS as the chart was more reflected by height than the fit. Although OnePiece recommends to pick a smaller size if you'd prefer a slimmer fit - we all know that the baggier it is, the better. Although I was hesitant of the length of it when it first arrived - my doubts were forgotten as soon as I slipped it on. I haven't taken it off since.

 photo 1sie5_zpsd733c4d6.jpg  photo 1f4edd36-90f9-4839-b40b-6124c2526530_zps7c9ac557.jpg
I've been sliding down the bannisters at home, riding the staircase as if it's a horse - don't pretend, you'd totally do that too. (p.s. hello sneak peak of the new house! Pictures of my bedroom will follow soon when the furniture arrives)  photo 1b56fc7e-059c-44fe-8ba1-5180537d2529_zpsf07444be.jpg photo 1sie_zpsd8739d59.jpg...and face planting my bed in a starfish manner.
 photo 087012ee-a844-4443-9103-aaa552b1580e_zps926186bf.jpg
It's now the comfiest thing I own and we've become very good pals, my OnePiece and I.

Now, here's the most exciting part. They've offered my readers (that's you!) an exclusive 20% discount off your very own OnePiece onesie. Woohoo! If you're starting your Christmas shopping early or fancy treating yourself to your very own jumpsuit - now's the chance!

Just enter 31SHULIKESCLOTHES in the promo code section at checkout et voila! Hurry though, the offer ends on the 1st December

Bravo to the Norwegian creators for thinking up the ultimate Sunday outfit. I raise my cup of tea to you! Let me know if you end up buying up or alternatively, let me know what your lazy Sunday outfit of choice is!
 photo 1sie3_zps1e2adce5.jpg
...I hope you're still relaxing at home : )

Have a lovely rest of the day!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Outfit: Sailor in a Tux

 photo f83eb015-4313-42f2-ae93-a4737440c8b4_zps20502583.jpg  photo 8ea144b3-c18e-43c8-b476-f2b2c992ab81_zps01dd4185.jpg  photo IMG_0161_zps6597a7fc.jpg

I'm back! Apologies for the lack of this week's weekend round up (I have the photos ready!) and posts in general - we moved house on Sunday and won't have internet until the 3rd December, wah. I'm in the process of waiting for my new furniture to arrive so I'm excited to decorate my new bedroom to share it with you guys! (ey ey) I'm temporarily tethering from my iPhone until then - yay for 10GB but my frequent need to upload videos/draft posts/research pug pictures (a daily necessity) is slowly dwindling the data away. woops. Please bear with me, the posts are a'comin'!

This is a quick sneak peak of my 'autumn casual daytime outfits' lookbook that I'll be uploading later today! This pink blouse was a bargain purchase from ASOS and I can't help but feel like a posh ol' sailor lady in it. The material is comfortable enough to trick my mind into thinking that I've slipped into a luxurious silk pyjama top - you know me, I'm a sucker for anything that feels like an all day PJ adventure. To balance out the oversized fit of the top, my leather bodycon skirt sprung into action to balance out the silhouette and to offer a modern twist to the nautical look. 

Jordan and I baked gluten free avocado triple chocolate cookies/brownies at the weekend (after reading the beautiful Rose's post on it from The Londoner!) I of course, documented it for the blog ;) - it was delicious, easy to make and felt ridiculously indulgent but still gave the body a healthy dose of essential fats. I can't wait to share it with you! :)

Do you have a blouse that you can roll back into bed with but still makes you feel like a million dollars?

shop the look:

[pink oversized tuxedo blouse  - asos, faux leather bodycon skirt, topshop]
 photo yt.jpg  photo ins_1.jpg  photo tw_1.jpg  photo fb_1.jpg  photo bl_1.jpg