Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekend Round Up #3


Happy Monday! An extra hello to those of you who have popped over from Becca's blog from her 'One Trend Any Size' post. I've been a long time viewer of her videos so I was excited to be involved with this - it's a great idea too with a lovely message behind it! :) 

Another weekend has passed and as they go, this one has been the first where autumn has truly settled in and made itself at home. Summer has definitely long been forgotten and I've been snug as a bug in my new shearling-lined parka jacket from Zara. Best purchase of the season (so far).

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I promise that these 'food markets/bakeries after work' trips have been a recent occurrence! My trains are usually booked for 8pm so I'd often stay behind to finish off some extra work instead but I much prefer these new adventures. Once the clock struck 6, a few of us travelled to the Nordic Bakery in Soho to feast on their famous cinnamon buns. Holy cow. The layers of baked cinnamon and syrupy goodness definitely gave their American friends a run for their money - I bought Jordan one to try (once I hopped off the train) and in his exact words "this has been the best thing I've eaten in a long, long time." This is serious stuff.

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The morning was started off with yogurt, muesli and chopped apples - a breakfast for kings (in my opinion). See the previously mentioned parka jacket above? Whilst it's weighty from the abundance of shearling lining - it's one of my favourite autumn buys and feels as though I'm in a constant bear hug when I'm wearing it. We took a trip to Coventry Transport Museum to gaze upon their extensive collection of classic cars ranging from the early 1900s  to the 80s' DeLorean. 
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As Jordan is a Classic Mini owner himself, I couldn't resist a sneaky photo of him next to The Great Italian Job tunnel. This was after my amazing idea of 'let's take selfies with the plastic barman and please can you pose behind the bicycle wall?' I knew he must have secretly wanted photos anyway...
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Lunch: prawn/roast duck noodles in spicy sauce from a food stall in town. Who needs restaurants when there's a row of street food shops?! We then wandered through the ruins of Coventry Cathedral - the architecture of it is absolutely brilliant but it always looks so out of place by being placed in the middle of a heavily industrialised city. It looks like a setting for Game of Thrones or the game Uncharted instead.
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As I've now named Saturday as my 'cheat day', I allowed myself to give in to cravings of pizza for dinner. It was delicious. I'm beginning to realise that it's OK to treat myself to 'naughty' food once in a while (AND to enjoy it without beating myself up over it) given that I'm usually crazy strict with my clean eating and workouts during the week. Jordan suggested that we make the '3 minute nutella cake in a mug' for dessert and it turned out pretty well! It didn't look particularly attractive in my mug though so I present to you Jordan's cake bowl instead!
 photo photo3_zps4e8120aa.jpg SUNDAY:
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Lunch: turkey fillet stir fried with scrambled egg and red pepper.
I filmed another lookbook (which will be up later on today): one fluffy jumper - four ways of styling it. I finally caved and it's now one of the comfiest things I own. The perks of dressing like a rug.
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Another farewell and back I hopped back on the train to London! The sunset that accompanied my journey was beautiful. A train-tube-train-bus 3 and a half hour trip later... I was home and was greeted with homemade steamed pork and Chinese leaf buns and carrot, fish and tomato soup as made by my mother herself. 

A perfect way of finishing off the weekend :)

How did yours go?
I hope you've all had a great start to the week so far!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of the fallen leaves especially!


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