Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Outfit: Tartan Tales

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Hands up if you still like to dress up like a school girl... at the sweet ol' age of 21? 
*raises hand*

Throw in a tartan print, a peter pan collar and it's a no brainer. Please jump into my shopping basket, make yourself at home in my wardrobe and marry me. The final reason why I fell in love with this? It reminded me of the Constance Billard uniform from Gossip Girl... forever wishing that I'm an Upper East Side teen in New York. le sigh.

This charming Primark number has certainly made the most of its round trip ticket around the blogosphere and it's an item worth jumping on the cliché fashion bandwagon for. It's form fitting, extremely flattering and cuts off just above the knee - always a plus to avoid looking like a scandalous student with the majority of your behind showing.

I tried to inject it with a dose of maturity with my contrast leather sleeve coat from Zara, opaque thick tights and brown lace up brogues. It all went well until I spotted my Hallowe'en socks and well, I just couldn't resist... the pumpkins all smile up at you! I think you understand why I was only too happy to pull them up over my ankles to flaunt to anyone who'd care to look.

They haven't seen my Christmas Rudolph socks yet... his nose is glittery red.
I rest my case.

[green/blue tartan dress -primark, tights - new look, brogues - simmi shoes*, pumpkin socks - new look, leather sleeve coat - zara]


  1. That dress is absolutely stunning!

  2. Lovely outfit. I really love the Zara coat combined with the dress, very chic! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

  3. I have this dress too and have been wondering for ages what it reminded me of, it's gossip girl! haha thankyou!! Love your blog, you have a new follower :)
    abi from a little dust

  4. Gorgeous look! such a pretty dress


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