Saturday, 5 October 2013

OUTFIT: Notorious P.U.G Pun t-shirt

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|| Notorious P.U.G pun tshirt - Urban Outfitters, red tartan checkered shirt - Primark, gold studded cross-body bag - ASOS, black crochet shorts - eBay, tights - Primark, rose gold watch - Michael Kors ||


It's the weekend, hurrah! This is another post from the 'Outfits Of The Week: Work Outfits' lookbook archive. It's in the honour of the cutest 10 month old black pugpy (pug + puppy combined, geddit?) brought into work with my colleague yesterday! Her name is Lola and when I was told she was here, I squealed, ran over and immediately gave her cuddles. I think her owner was rather shocked and has probably named me as 'the crazy pug girl' - I kept going back to see her and I hope I wasn't too annoying!

At one point, I remembered that I had packed my Notorious P.U.G t-shirt with me for the weekend and ran over to show them... I hope they didn't think that I was this crazy stalker lady who had planned for this moment to happen. I just... really love pugs haha. This tee was a sale purchase from Urban Outfitters a few months ago - it was reduced to £14 and as a lover of puns, I simply couldn't resist. A graphic shirt is the ultimate lazy day item and is a great for those 'oh, I feel like shoving something on but want to look effortlessly cool' days. (note, I never look effortlessly cool). I always layer up tshirts with any kind of checkered/printed/oversized shirt too and love the mix of textures and clashing patterns. It seems to give off a very 'American high school' vibe to me for some strange reason... but I'm going with it. I clearly watch too many chick flicks/teen tv shows.

What's your go-to lazy outfit?
I hope you're having a great start to the weekend so far! 

I'll leave you with the most adorable picture of Lola. 
Can I get a collective 'AWW' please? :)

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