Friday, 18 October 2013

OUTFIT: Dear October, I'm sorry for my Christmas elf get up

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Dear October,

Now, let me explain. It wasn't my intention to dress up like a Christmas elf that's very, very, very early to work. I didn't choose this outfit to impress your pal December either. I know we won't be seeing each other for another two months yet. I just can't help myself with feeling... well, festive. To be fair, giving us sunrises at 7:20am and sunsets at 6pm meant that I was reaching for my parka and thick tights quicker than you could tantalisingly whisper 'autumn' in my ears.

These are the colours that you're always telling us to embrace anyway, it's a very 'you' palette with rich burgundy tights and khaki greens. Granted, I could've substituted my Christmas tree get-up with mustard yellows or jewel toned blues but they were both new purchases and my impatience got the better of me. Did I really need to include the shearling fur lining with this attire too? Well, when in Rome...

The burgundy tights are a great way of 'jazzing' up my usual monochrome pairings. To spice things up, I really tried to play around with the textures too. The leather waistcoat sat alone on my clothing rail throughout summer so I thought it was finally time I invited it to play with the other pieces. I love the mix of leather, crochet and polka dot prints - it's girly but isn't sickly sweet either. To counteract the leather and bold colours, I softened it with these Mary Jane T-Bar geek shoes from Topshop.

To top it all off, I threw on my new Zara parka and you'll definitely be seeing this guy sticking around for the next few months... he's met the boyfriend, my parents and my sisters want to steal him. You'd better hold onto him tight. I've been told that you'll be expecting snow flurries in the next few weeks? What happened to giving that job to winter?

... And because of this, you can't really blame me for my early elf fancy dress costume. I'll think about dressing up as a pumpkin for your birthday on the 31st.

Love Shu :)

[polka dot shirt - river island, leather waistcoat - h&m, crochet shorts - eBay, burgundy tights, asos, t-bar geek shoes, topshop, khaki shearling lined parka jacket - zara, lips - rimmel kate moss 107 lipstick]


  1. What a gorgeous look! I love the way youve layered it up, i'm an absolute sucker for textures!
    love your blog, stunned i've only just come across it. now following for sure! xx

  2. Those shoes look like ones I wore to school when I was 5, such a cute little outfit.

  3. I love those Mary Jane shoes. They are adorable and I love the tights.



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