Wednesday, 23 October 2013

On Wednesdays, we wear pink

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...I couldn't resist the Mean Girls quote.

Now that autumn has made itself right at home with its trail of golden leaves, I've quite happily traded in my summer crops for knitted jumpers and a granny wardrobe. There's something very endearing about wearing a modern take of a trend that my mother and grandmother were fond of themselves when they were my age. I like to imagine my mum prancing around in the 70s with a Peter Pan collar dress (that had probably cost her 5p) and for her to see the same style on me 40 years later. It must be so strange for her! I hope it continues onto another generation (hoping the 'wear leggings as trousers' trend doesn't catch the 2050s shuttle bus though)

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This outfit would definitely qualify as 'off duty' attire - I'm a huge fan of wearing clothes that feel like I'm still in my PJs. You can only imagine how happy I was when the 'pyjamas' trend came about two seasons ago! The soft pink knit is very on trend but doesn't compromise with the levels of comfort. I always find scallop edged collars, lace and pearls all to be very charming/enchanting in their own right so when you combine all three of them in one item of clothing...?! Heaven. Although it pays an ode to its vintage past, it still has its own sense of a child-like innocence about it. Throw in some pig printed socks with a side order of plaits and I'm all ready to be channeling my 5-year-old self again.
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First mince pie of the season and a catch up with my pal Bud. If you'd like to see me prancing around in this outfit combined with some mince pie action (where I failed to eat it in an elegant manner), I uploaded an 'Outfit of the Day: Cosy Autumn's Day In) video on my channel. I've embedded the video below if you'd like to have a peek!

[pink pearl collar jumper - primark, crochet shorts - eBay, piggy socks - new look]

What's your go-to lazy day outfit?

I hope you're all having a great day so far! :)


  1. Aww you look beautiful <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. that collar is so precious. and i just love that first picture. the look on your dog's face! :) i love going through my mama's old pictures from when she was in college. i love her style! i wish she kept her clothes. if she did i would've totally raided her closet.

  3. Great photographs Shu, you look adorable and the sweater is amazing:) x

  4. I swear I was following your blog!!? Anyway, you definitely have a new follower (me!!) xxx

  5. Amazing collar! And nothing appeases my clothing wishes more than cozy sweaters-- I remember my mom rocking oversized ones with high waisted denim throughout the nineties :)!


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