Thursday, 10 October 2013

Monte Carlo: Part One (Port Hercule)

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I've been meaning to post this and after looking at the sea views, it's definitely given me a big dose of holiday blues! For my 21st birthday gift in August, Jordan treated us to a day trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco. It was extremely generous of him and I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing day! We often opt to plan surprise trips for each other as presents rather than lavish jewellery and gadgets as we prefer to have mini adventures together to look back on instead.

As per usual, I took a LOT of photos so have split this into three parts. The first focuses on the well known Port Hercule (Port d'Hercule), the second will be about the infamous Casino and Cafe de Paris and the third will show the Old Town of Monaco in all its glory!
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We arrived at Nice airport at around 10:30am and took the bus over to Monte Carlo. Whilst the journey took around 45 minutes, it only cost us €2 each and took us via the scenic route rather than through the motorway. I'd definitely recommend it as we saw rows upon rows of sandy beaches and the local seaside towns whilst leading up to the city, it only built up our excitement even more!

The scenes that greeted us when we stepped off the bus was nothing like we had ever seen before. The views were truly magnificent and it felt surreal that we were surrounded by much beauty! After picking our jaws up from the ground, we found a busy family-run restaurant that overlooked the port and enjoyed our pizza. The food in Monte Carlo is largely influenced by French and Italian cuisine so we were keen to try it!

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To rest our full stomachs, we strolled along the harbour and took in the lavish landscapes. The opulence that exuded from the vast array of expensive yachts, cruise ships full of happy holiday goers and sports cars was like a scene out of The Great Gatsby. If the Jazz Age was to be recreated in Europe, Monte Carlo would be the perfect setting.

Materialistic luxuries aside, the ultimate extravagance was facing the Mediterranean Sea, the breeze and the heat of the sun around us. It was the perfect escape from the busy city life back in the UK and made us appreciate the smaller things in life :)
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Every angle and place we turned to had the most beautiful backdrop so I definitely couldn't resist a few too many outfit shots! Was it a professional green screen? Nope, just nature. << probably the cheesiest line of this post yet and the sign off for an infomerical (for only $169.99).

This cobalt blue Bardot-style skater dress was a sale purchase from ASOS for £13. I thought it fitted the atmosphere of Monte Carlo perfectly and made me feel like a movie star from the 50s, it must be the Grace Kelly effect! The off the shoulder neckline showed off the top of the shoulders and d├ęcolletage at its most flattering angle whereas the nipped in waist and flared part of the dress created a feminine silhouette. To encourage ze classic theme going, I paired it with my bag from Milan and some gold-tipped pointed flats. Perfect for hours of sightseeing but still matched the air of the city!
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Port Hercule and the first part of our day in Monte Carlo was honestly the stuff made of dreams and has left me lusting after the late summer heat and the city!

Oh, until we meet again...

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  1. Beautiful pictures, looks like you had an amazing time! x


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