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Food Review: Crodoughs (Cronut) at Rinkoff Bakeries

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Ah, the cronut. A croissant-doughnut hybrid that's taken the baking world by storm and has earned itself a top spot in every pastry lover's wishlist. It's certainly something cheat treats (and dreams) are made of and if you know me in real life, you've most probably heard me go on and on and on about wanting to try one since I first heard about them in May.

It was first pioneered by the genius Dominique Ansel for his bakery in New York. The queues were long and with rumours of a single cronut selling for over $40 a piece, it only made me want to try it even MORE. My prayers were answered when I spotted a tweet about a bakery named Rinkoff Bakeries selling a variant of the fried good 'the crodough'. Hallelujah! Let me tell you, it's worth the extra hour workout just to indulge on these. I do not regret the calories (and that's saying a lot!) I convinced at least 10 of my work colleagues to try it and after organising a bulk order of 17 crodoughs last Friday, I can confirm that the staff (and owner) is just as sweet as the goods themselves. I had such a positive experience with their customer service and I thought I'd just highlight that fact as I think they deserve that extra bit of positive recognition! : ) 

Two visits later, I've finally tried all four of the flavours (all for the purpose of this review, ahem) and thought I'd run you through a brief description of them! Warning: grab a bowl, you'll be drooling. Scratch that, get your Oyster card/train tickets out and be ready to run out of the door for these after this post.
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[pictured above from t-b: toffee apple crumble and custard crodough]

Toffee Apple Crumble Crodough: £2.80
Rinkoff's description: filled with fresh apple and cinnamon, topped with crunchy crumble and drizzled with toffee.

I think that description alone has made a few tummies rumble. This is most probably my favourite flavour. If you're a lover of apple pie/crumble/cinnamon then feast your eyes (and stomach) on this. With your first bite, you're met with the soft sinking texture of a freshly fried doughnut. The aroma of the apple crumble filling inside then meets you and it tastes exactly like a just baked apple pie/turnover. It finishes off with the buttery layers and chewiness of a croissant. In other words, it's beautiful.

You want a close up shot? Of course you do.
 photo photo1_zpse3ec5910.jpg
 photo photo2_zpse9418744.jpg

Custard Crodough: £3.00

Rinkoff's description: our custard crodough is filled with fresh custard with a layer on top for good measure

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, this one's for you and will fulfil every dessert lover's needs. It's extremely indulgent (and the ultimate naughty treat) but you'll be licking your fingers and be craving another by the time you're done with this. The custard layer on top is sweet but not sickeningly so, the filling inside helps with the moisture between the dough and the croissant layers. It's darn addictive. I can imagine this to be the perfect companion after a hearty British dinner in front of a crackling fire. Now there's a thought. photo photo4_zps78d8fda2.jpg
[pictured above from l-r: toffee apple crumble and raspberry crodough]

Raspberry Crodough: £2.80

Rinkoff's description: the raspberry Crodough is filled with jam and dusted with sugar with a fresh raspberry

Think of the best jam doughnut that you've ever had and multiply it by 10. I thought I'd like this flavour the least but it's surprisingly battling for the winning flavour alongside the toffee apple crumble! I'm glad that raspberry was the reigning choice of jam over the traditional strawberry - it has the right balance of a sweet, sour and sharp tang against the sweet sugary dough. It's refreshing and would make the perfect guest with any lazy Sunday's breakfast in bed treat. As it's filled with jam inside, it can get a little messy but that's the fun of it, right?!
 photo photo5_zps86f0d967.jpg
Chocolate Fudge Crodough: £2.80

Rinkoff's Description: this Crodough is filled and topped with delicious chocolate fudge fondant

This would be a chocoholic's dream. The chocolate ganache has the right amount of creaminess and isn't overpowering 'chocolatey' thanks to the mix of fudge fondant included. The flakes on top adds a nice texture to the crodough and differs from your average generic sprinkled doughnut. It's a 'grown up' version of your favourite childhood treat! 

...and there we have it!

Are you now a drooling hungry mess?
I thought so.

As much as I love them, I find half of a crodough to be the perfect portion size. They're huge and I'm somewhat obsessed with having everything in half portions. It'll give you the chance to taste another half of another flavour though ;)

If you're interested in buying yourself one of these treasures, you can get it from:
224 Jubilee Street, E1 3BS or 79 Vallance Road, E1 5BS.

For more information about the crodoughs, visit or

Several restaurants and cafes dotted around London now stock them too so it's worth checking online to see if there's one close to you! It's definitely worth the extra walk (and you'll be thankful for it after you've eaten one of these!)

As I'm feelin' extra cruel today, I'll leave you with a final image of the crodoughs.

Have you tried a cronut/crodough?
What are your thoughts on it? :)
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Note: This post isn't sponsored by Rinkoff Bakeries. I just love anything to do with croissants/doughnuts and much like Pokemon, I gotta catch 'em all. I loved my experience with Rinkoff's crodoughs and customer service so much that this post was inevitable :)

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