Thursday, 17 October 2013

Food Markets: Borough Market, London

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If you know me in real life or follow me on Twitter/Instagram, it's not a secret that I'm a huge lover of street food and food markets/stalls. Growing up in numerous restaurants and takeaways as well as having Chinese parents who are MASSIVE foodies meant that it was inevitable that the appreciation would be passed on to my sisters and I. There isn't much that I wouldn't try at least once and I've eaten some pretty weird things which I'll refrain from sharing on here incase anyone is sensitive to it!

The love of street food was born from my first ever trip to China aged 15. My parents come from Guangzhou (Canton) which is hailed as the food capital of the country. The sheer amount of food stalls/dim sum restaurants on offer was incredible and the fact that everything can be freshly prepared and handed to you was unlike anything I'd ever experienced at home. It was heaven. Being from a smaller town in the UK meant that I had very little access to the markets here (aside from the naff Bank Holiday ones!)

Fast forward to Madrid this year and the love for street food 'rose from the ashes' again. From oyster bars, paella stalls to pastry stands... Jordan and I were spoilt for choice and we decided to make an effort to find more of these food markets in England! Thankfully, as I live in London full time now, this is MUCH easier! So after that long ramble, I present to you pictures of Borough Market!
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Amazing bratwurst hot dogs with sauerkraut (essentially sour cabbage)
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 photo IMG_9189_zps0e5b116b.jpgHUGE cookie for £2. Made with brown sugar and French dark chocolate! photo IMG_9184_zps4ec27eee.jpg  photo IMG_9187_zps8e367249.jpg
Obligatory cappuccino for Jordan.
"Take a picture of the coffee art on top!"
Yes sir.
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Ending it with the view of The Shard (which we actually went up for the tour earlier that day!)

If you're ever in London and stuck for where to visit for lunch - I really recommend popping over to Borough Market (by London Bridge station) for an endless choice of food, pastries, fresh produce and drinks! For fresh ingredients, you simply cannot beat the quality from the farmer's market in comparison to your local supermarket. It's a great place of finding things that would normally be difficult to track down too! The Christmas market will be on from December onwards so I'm looking forward to mulled wine and hot dinners :)!

According to the official website,
 It's open for lunch on Monday - Tuesday from 10am - 5pm
For the full market, it's open Wednesday - Thursday from 10am - 5pm, Friday from 10am - 6pm and 8am - 5pm on Saturdays.

I hope you enjoyed this random lifestyle/food post!
Winter is coming... so go grab yourself a hot brew and a pipin' hot stew!


  1. Ohh everything looks so amazing! I'm vegetarian and a little bit picky so I'm one of those that usually walks past these things looking at them longingly but never tries anything!

    Jennie xo

  2. I'll definitely be visiting this place when I go to London. :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I want to go back now! And how did I not know sauerkraut was sour cabbage?! I love cabbage, and adore pickled stuff?! It's destined to be my favourite thing ever!


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