Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My 21st Birthday


I recently celebrated my 21st birthday over three different events and thought I'd share the outfit posts for them! It's a strange one: I have never been one to enjoy my own birthday and the mention of it used to be met with a mix of dread and longing for it to be over. This year, things completely changed and for the first time ever - I was running around updating Jordan the countdown until my birthday and it felt really good to be excited for once! :)

Did you see the most amazing fruit cake above? I spotted a similar picture on Instagram a while back and showed Jordan and his lovely mum, Wendy.

"THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT CAKE IN ALL THE LAND. It's entirely made out of fruit! AHH!111!one!11"

All of my fruit wishes came true and I spotted this on the family's dinner table as I walked in bleary-eyed at 8 in the morning. I fell in love. Compromised of a watermelon base with cocktail sticks full of grapes and kiwi, I don't think I've ever loved a cake more. Luckily, my birthday fell on a hot summery day too so the watermelon was perfect to cool down! Thanks Jordan and Wendy for making me it!

After unwrapping all the amazing presents that I received, it was time for a carbs-loaded breakfast. I'm usually very strict on myself with the amount of carbs I ate especially if they're refined as it's not great for the body. However, free carbs pass on your 21st birthday right? I'm learning to let go and to relax about the odd 'cheat treat' too. Food should be enjoyed and getting myself stressed over the specific things I can and cannot eat wasn't helping me mentally either! Croissants, scones and pancakes galore. One last question: is butter a carb?

If you're interested to see what I received for my birthday, I recently uploaded a birthday haul on my channel! Spoiler: one of them was a day trip to Monte Carlo as gifted by Jordan. Outfit post will be coming soon! :)

The inside of the cake! :)

Crochet yellow cut-out dress: ASOS (borrowed from my sister)
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag
Watch: Michael Kors
By noon, I was already pretty exhausted from the excitement of the last few hours. My day had barely started though! Jordan, my sisters and I shooted off on the train into London where we met up with my mum! She bought me the beautiful Michael Kors rose gold watch and I haven't wanted to take it off ever since! We had a mooch around Oxford Circus, had dinner in China Town and then walked over to Drury Lane in Covent Garden (with a full stomach) to watch... Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!

I definitely recommend it. The story line was humourous, the actors were brilliant and my jaws dropped at several occasions with the stage effects. Sam Mendes - great job. I think it's now my new favourite musical.

We then ended the night at my mum's house and tucked into some midnight Chinese birthday cake that we bought from China Town. Chinese birthday cake is my absolute favourite - it's full of fruit and the sponge is always so light, airy and extremely addictive. It's not stodgy in the slightest!

All in all, it was the most perfect day that I could ever have dreamed of.

I'm so thankful to everyone that had made it so great and thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube! I was so shocked that some of you even remembered! Thank you!!! :)

Here's to my 21st and my next birthday! :)

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