Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Wishlist #1: Loungin' and Lazy Days

6. Topshop AMALIA lace up brogues - £65

The leaves have definitely turned this year. I'm eagerly waiting with my autumn scarves and winter coats for the cold weather to arrive; my hands are warmed from the furnace of heated mugs and daily bowls of oatmeal. I haven't cursed at the drop in temperature (yet), I haven't mourned over my summer clothing farewells. For the first time in my life, I am excited at the prospect of autumn/winter arriving. Updating my wardrobe for the season is an invitation to an alien adventure that I'm keen to explore.

Step forth to discover my very first recipe for a successful lazy day - an autumnal brew of ingredients made from stitches of comfort and materials that shield you from the crisp, fresh air. The range of French Connection cardigans all promise snugness with style but this particular number caught my eye. The coatigan: the lovechild of knits and outerwear, a creation of convenience. It acknowledges the chances of impromptu travels and adapts as the uniform for indoor lounging on chilly Sunday afternoons. The Zara two-sided scarf is a hybrid of emerging trends: the tartan print is a reflection of cold Scottish moors whereas the monochrome hues nod to the components of a triumphant neutral palette. Woolly gloves and journey essentials fit into the compartments of a matte oxblood satchel, a bed of golden leaves lay under the sole of Amalia lace up brogues and the wind glides off the slick exterior of the biker trousers. How does the oversized canine t-shirt fit into this equation, I hear you ask? It's as simple as...Well, I'm just a dog person really.

Stir in a few dashes of flushed cheeks from winter air; sprinkle a smattering of crackles from an open fire. And there you have it, the instructions to create your very own concoction of a lounging lazy day.

I hope you enjoyed your stay :)

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  1. i'm loving those boots from topshop :) i'm really into autumn too! i just love putting on layers and layers of clothes ;)


  2. Absolutely in love with your blog - from now on... :3
    Definitely following!


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