Monday, 22 July 2013

Sponsored Video: Canon's New Product Teaser

Now, it's no secret that I'm a Canon girl through and through. My 600D rarely leaves my side and it's my camera of choice for my blog photos and videos on my YouTube channel. It's the stuff made of dreams for content creators and I worship/kiss/capture the ground it walks on. Too far? Probably... but you get the point. I love my snazzy DSLR camera.

Canon's released a teaser video of a new product set to release in the next month but they're keeping it rather hush hush at the moment. All will be revealed on the 31st July. As that coincides with my pal Harry Potter's birthday, it'll most definitely be magical.  Judging from the picturesque landscape shots,  the vibrant red sofa and the crowd of people gathered around it Friends style, my guesses are on an ultra-widescreen camera with both wifi/4G properties, 1080p HD video and social network capabilities. We've seen the technology on the latest smart phones and it's making friends with the new tablets on the market so it surely wouldn't be a stranger with digital cameras, right? 

It ends with a mysterious 'your audience is waiting' so being an avid social media fan, I'm hoping that it's a product that will capture all of the above and I can potentially upload my clips straight on the web without having to faff around with SD cards and laptops.

Register over on the website if you want to be the first in line to find out about Canon's surprise!

What are your guesses on the product?
*Sponsored by Canon

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