Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Outfit: The Little White Dress

white floral mesh ballerina dress - ASOS
brown plaited belt - Primark
floral head crown - Primark
leather sandals - Topshop


We've all heard of the infamous LBD but it's time for it to make way for a new wardrobe staple: the Little White Dress. 

Ba dum boom tchhh...? 

Cheesy introductions aside, the amazing heatwave had me reach for the lightest and most summery day-to-night dress that I owned without appearing too overly sickly sweet. This came with a side order of chiffon, mesh and florals but the colour, fit and material meant that it didn't overindulge on girly-ness. 

Lace is usually a popular candidate for these dresses but in this instance, it was replaced with a trendier alternative: mesh. It's arranged into a 3-dimensional rose pattern and features a subtle sweetheart shaped vest underneath. Remember what I said about not overdoing the femininity? The flowers stop at the bodice and ends with a skater style chiffon bottom instead. It's airy, has a 'soft focus' effect and emphasises the textures created in the top half of the dress. Tick, tick, tick for a good summer pick.

... and I'm a poet and now know it.

Despite what I've been rattlin' on about, I simply couldn't resist a good ol' floral head crown. It really is the creme de la creme of hair accessories! Now that I've managed to incorporate menu terms with a clothing item, I'll end the post with an invitation to watch my latest video featuring the outfit above! It's my favourite little visual video to date thanks to Jordan's creative filming skills, my beloved but neglected camera lens and the beautiful backdrop (courtesy of Jordan's parents' house!) 

What is your go to day-to-night summer dress?

I hope you're all having a great day so far :)


  1. Hey :) been following your blog and youtube videos almost from the very start, but just now got around to creating my own and speaking up! So - hello from a new (officially) subscriber!

    The outfit looks lovely and I love the way it's styled. Even the tan makes it more summery and amazing! :D


  2. Gorgeous dress, I'm really into white dresses at the moment, they look so summery and fresh



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