Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day Two in Madrid: Segway Tour Day Outfit

taupe floral top - Next
high-waisted denim shorts - New Look
leather sandals - Topshop
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag
gold pendant necklace - New Look


Time for 'Day Two in Madrid' - hurrah! The main event planned for the day was actually a scheduled segway tour. I know. Some people told me that it was the 'geekiest' mode of transport and when you're  looking at the people 'whizz' past you - I see their point. However, after going on one for the first time to explore a city that you're unfamiliar with... well, it was FRIGGIN' awesome.

We booked it on and met our instructor Anthony at his shop. Within 10 minutes of small talk, he took the segways out and told us to practise right away. Eek what? For someone who manages to trip over air, I surprisingly got the hang of it quickly. It felt like an extension to my feet and I was surprised at how sensitive the segway was in response to my body movements!

We explored all around Madrid for 3.45 hours and whilst I'm all for exploring by foot until my tootsies dangle off, this was definitely my preferred mode of transport. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's thinking of doing it or wanted to explore a new city without following traditional tour guides!

Now, spending the day zooming around on a segway meant that my wardrobe choice had to fit accordingly. It had to be weather appropriate and wind friendly - I didn't fancy hearing chants of 'I see Shu's underpants' around Madrid. The neutral floral top was actually a gift from my mum; it's around 6 years ago and I continue to love it to this day! It's an effortless piece that's easy to sling on. It gives you the option of wearing it on its own as a flowy tunic top, tucked in, layered up or belted. Hand the top a medal for being so versatile!

The scattered floral/leaf pattern in combination with the earthy colour palette also contributes towards a slight bohemian Spanish vibe - a theme very much welcomed for this trip. As we'd be spending the majority of our day travelling, I wanted to keep my outfit streamlined. No fabrics waving around in the breeze please! I tucked the blouse into my trusty high-waisted denim shorts from New Look. The brown chunky belt helps to add dimension to the outfit, modernises the top and looks darn good against the bright blue denim. They will forever remain a go-to piece in a summer wardrobe! 

To complete it, I just slung on my leather sandals from Topshop, shoved on my Longchamp tote bag and I was ready to rock 'n' roll... well, fly around on my segway.

A 'segway break' as we stopped off at a local Spanish cafe for spanish omelette and coffee
Jordan's superman pose by the royal palace. Doing this is harder than it looks! 
Can this beautiful bike be mine?
For lunch, we stopped off at our favourite indoor market and went back to San Miguel again. We had a few tapas dishes and shared some seafood paella :)
Afterwards, we decided to go on the cable car to see how it compared to the one in Barcelona. Unfortunately, Barcelona won although there were some pretty good views! 
I always try (and fail) to find traditional turkish delight in London. After spotting a stall at one of the markets in Plaza de Espana, I promptly had to skip over to order some. The one above is a coconut and  walnut flavoured one. *Homer Simpson drool*

There we have it!

A fun-filled day of us trying something different.

During these past few months, I've really been trying to push myself to say yes to more things outside of my comfort zone. Usually, I'd say yes but make myself panic/anxious over it to the point of ruining the event before it had even started. 

I'm learning to relax and to go with the flow a bit more; I think it's working!

Here's to a 'Day Two in Madrid (evening)' post coming up soon :)

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. I love your style, Shu!! You look amazing! It sounds like you had an awesome trip :D
    Segways must be so much fun man!! I'd love to visit Madrid and escape this cold Winter we're having in NZ haha.

    I recently restarted a new blog, check it out if you want!

    Jane :o)

    1. Thanks Jane!

      Love your blog and your latest Trill post - the watch is amazing! I hope the winter isn't too cold over there! I definitely recommend a trip to Madrid! :) x


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