Friday, 19 July 2013

Day Four in Madrid: Feeding Rainbow Confetti Llamas

pastel yellow lace crop - H&M
floral shorts - H&M
brown plaited belt - Primark
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag
sandals - Topshop


The end is nigh; the final outfit post of the Madrid holiday series is now complete. The last day was another scorcher so oversized items were certainly blessings in disguise. Rather than opting for a full midriff flashing top, I chose to be a tiny bit more reserved by covering a bandeau vest with this lace cropped number from H&M. Comin' in at a bargainous £5, I already own its lilac sibling. It would have been rude not to stock up in an array of colours... and I'm a polite person so y'know. The yellow is brightening, epitomises the sunshine in Spain, (thankfully) didn't leave suspicious tan lines, kept me cool and looked dashing when it was paired with the bohemian floral shorts. 

The shorts were high-waisted enough to cover up the stomach (a must for those who are a lover of crops but a hater of the lower abdominal region) and a great example of shunning the stereotypical thinking that summer florals had to be bold, bright and eye-watering colourful. A smattering of the neutral themed blossoms was the perfect way of balancing femininity with the effortless 'this? oh, I just threw it on' look that we all strive for (don't lie).
We decided to pay a visit to our favourite spots and to stop at some new attractions on the way. We walked over to the Prado museum, went inside the cathedral, listened to some Spanish guitar and headed for the Salamanca district. Now, I'm renowned for being horrid with directions but I'm convinced that the infamous shopping district had decided to hide from me on that particular sunny afternoon. We walked up roads, went around the roundabouts and even looked on a map but nada.

 I didn't want to buy any Zara/Mango things at a discounted price anyway.
The most perfect Vespa motor scooter that has ever existed. A classic in a MANGO YELLOW/ORANGE colour?! Jordan and I stood there for at least 10 minutes just drooling at the sight of it (not literally, tsk). It's beautiful. It should be mine.
Buen Retiro Park was our next stop! We chilled out, soaked in the rays and saved a weighty anchor from the lake. Good job I was there to save the day, it was rather heavy (what a loser).
Trees that wouldn't look out of place in Harry Potter/The Hobbit. Such trees had to be photographed accompanied with cheesy grins.
A ham museum and counterfeit bags.
We rounded off our last day at the San Miguel food market (once again) and sat in Plaza Mayor to people watch. After stuffing ourselves with tapas, pastries and paella - we came across this rather interesting street performer animal. It was a rainbow glittering confetti-clad llama that performed a rather exotic dance every time we paid her. Around 3 euros later, we stumbled back to our hotel with tears in our eyes and laughter caught in our throats. Class act. I wish Ms. Llama jetted off to England! I'd offer her a place to stay just to see her dance again!

We're done!

I hope you enjoyed this holiday lookbook!

If you'd like to be reminded of the outfits combined in a 4 and-a-half minute musical video, I've embedded my YouTube creation down below!

Have a great rest of the day :)


  1. Eee lovely pictures! It sounds like you had the best time! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thanks lovely! I miss it there! <3 x

  2. Love that yellow top! The photos all look gorgeous, I really want to visit now!

    shabna x x

    1. Yesss, I definitely recommend the city! Thank you! :) x


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