Monday, 29 July 2013

Outfit: Crop and a Bandeau

 photo IMG_7644_zpse6d170eb.jpg  photo IMG_7641_zpse3ecf2e5.jpg  photo IMG_7639_zpsc6933401.jpg crochet crop vest - primark 
black bandeau top - new look 
black crochet shorts - eBay 
leather boots - topshop
round sunglasses - urban outfitters 
tribal necklace - primark 


This crochet vest would be a finalist if there was a competition for bohemian/festival wear. It was only £12 from Primark and it looks a lot more expensive than it is - just look at all of the intricate detailing going on! Whilst it's not the most versatile number, I still love it nonetheless. I wish I had an upcoming summer holiday as this would be the winning candidate for the ultimate beach cover up! 

I wore this outfit a lot during those heatwave summery days that we had and it did a great job of keeping me cool without having to resort to full-time bikini wear. As the whole side of the body is exposed, I wore a nifty bandeau vest to avoid looking like a flasher and my trusty crochet shorts from eBay. The use of black helps to emphasise the scallop edges too. 

It's a softer way of wearing monochrome and I'm desperately trying to think of ways to incorporate this into my autumn/winter wardrobe! The thought of packing it away until last year is rather sad to think about!

I hope you're having a great day so far! :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outfit: Galaxy Cut Out

 photo IMG_7578_zps624e170f.jpg  photo IMG_7577_zpsdf650f67.jpg  photo IMG_7579_zps6828f202.jpg  photo IMG_7580_zpsb507d310.jpg galaxy print cut out dress- Karma Clothing* 
black leather boots - Topshop


Happy Sunday! I'm a sucker for a good ol' galaxy print; I can't seem to resist anything splashed with a cosmic pattern. Karma Clothing kindly contacted me about reviewing one of their items and I jumped at the chance when I spotted this number. 

I'm a big fan of cut outs and crop tops when it's been done at a flattering angle. These new waves of knotted dresses are great as it exposes the flattest part of your stomach; any potential food babies are still kept at bay. 

The bright explosions of colour also helps to dress up the t-shirt structure of this tunic: it's eye catching, it's refreshingly different and it's a feast to gaze on!

Are you a fan of the print and cut outs?

I hope you're all having a great day so far! :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Outfit: Eagle

 photo IMG_7659_zps01b5b78e.jpg  photo IMG_7660_zps121c1523.jpg eagle sweater - Zara
denim shorts - New Look
red beanie hat - Tiger
leather boots - Topshop


Living in England means unpredictable weather and a constant need to bring an umbrella with you just in case. This outfit most probably encompasses that: we have a red beanie to help shield away a sudden shower, a versatile sweater that can be transformed in a flash to suit a colder climate, a high-waisted pair of denim shorts to greet the sun's impromptu visits and big ol' stompy heeled boots because open toe sandals are a no-no. Sling on a pair of black tights and we're ready for another rainy day!

There were a few reasons that led to the purchase of this eagle 'starry night' sweater from Zara:

1) It was on sale. I could have started with a more sophisticated answer but let's be honest, who can resist a bargain price of £7.99 and at Zara too? Just sayin'.

2) It was another monochrome piece but this time it featured a slight cosmic print (a sucker with anything to do with the galaxy/space) and a moody lookin' eagle. My wardrobe lacks anything to do with birds so y'know, I somehow justified that it was different from my other gazillion black and white pieces. 

3) The eagle reminded me of Buckbeak the hippogriff from Harry Potter. Need I say anymore?


 To brighten up the outfit to avoid looking too dull and drab for the summer time, I shoved on a bright blue pair of shorts and a postbox red hat. Beanies may not be summer appropriate but they keep frizzy second day hair at bay and well, seems to make the outfit look slightly 'cooler'. 

So that's that!

It's my little sister's birthday today so I'm preparing myself for a day of fun. We're heading to Byron burger for lunch and then meeting her after work for some good ol' posh Pan Asian grub. I'm going to deem today a cheat day in the honour of her 17th. Seventeen years old... where has the time gone? At the risk of sounding like her mother, I'm going to end it with: happy birthday kiddo. I'm so proud of you. :)

Let me know if you have any recommendations at Byron!
I have my eye on the chilli burger and courgette fries.

Roll on 1pm!

I hope you're having a great day so far! :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Outfit: The Little White Dress

white floral mesh ballerina dress - ASOS
brown plaited belt - Primark
floral head crown - Primark
leather sandals - Topshop


We've all heard of the infamous LBD but it's time for it to make way for a new wardrobe staple: the Little White Dress. 

Ba dum boom tchhh...? 

Cheesy introductions aside, the amazing heatwave had me reach for the lightest and most summery day-to-night dress that I owned without appearing too overly sickly sweet. This came with a side order of chiffon, mesh and florals but the colour, fit and material meant that it didn't overindulge on girly-ness. 

Lace is usually a popular candidate for these dresses but in this instance, it was replaced with a trendier alternative: mesh. It's arranged into a 3-dimensional rose pattern and features a subtle sweetheart shaped vest underneath. Remember what I said about not overdoing the femininity? The flowers stop at the bodice and ends with a skater style chiffon bottom instead. It's airy, has a 'soft focus' effect and emphasises the textures created in the top half of the dress. Tick, tick, tick for a good summer pick.

... and I'm a poet and now know it.

Despite what I've been rattlin' on about, I simply couldn't resist a good ol' floral head crown. It really is the creme de la creme of hair accessories! Now that I've managed to incorporate menu terms with a clothing item, I'll end the post with an invitation to watch my latest video featuring the outfit above! It's my favourite little visual video to date thanks to Jordan's creative filming skills, my beloved but neglected camera lens and the beautiful backdrop (courtesy of Jordan's parents' house!) 

What is your go to day-to-night summer dress?

I hope you're all having a great day so far :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Outfit: Feel Good Polka Dot

 photo IMG_7624_zps3555ac31.jpg  photo IMG_7626_zpsa7eb36e8.jpg  photo IMG_7627_zpsc3dda382.jpg
polka dot dress - New Look
nude studded shoes - Topshop
pink bow clutch - Primark
necklace - New Look


With the summer weather out in full force, it only seemed natural to bring out a 'retro' style swing dress out of my wardrobe. This one's a beauty and has a few properties that I adore:

a) there's a cute little ol' collar on it. I'm a big fan of shirts so spotting this on the dress had me clicking 'check out' quicker than probably necessary. 

b) it's fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom. It's the perfect sitting place for a waist belt for narrowing that region and creates a subtle feminine silhouette.  

c) the fabric it's made out of. Not quite cotton and not fully polyester - it doesn't absorb heat easily and the breathable material means it's the perfect thing to wear on hot and humid days.

d) the colour and pattern! It's in an idyllic sky blue shade and I like to imagine that the white polka dot background are tiny little round clouds. It's a feel-good colour and makes that hot summer day just that little brighter.

What is your go-to day dress?

I hope you're having a lovely day so far :) 

Sponsored Video: Canon's New Product Teaser

Now, it's no secret that I'm a Canon girl through and through. My 600D rarely leaves my side and it's my camera of choice for my blog photos and videos on my YouTube channel. It's the stuff made of dreams for content creators and I worship/kiss/capture the ground it walks on. Too far? Probably... but you get the point. I love my snazzy DSLR camera.

Canon's released a teaser video of a new product set to release in the next month but they're keeping it rather hush hush at the moment. All will be revealed on the 31st July. As that coincides with my pal Harry Potter's birthday, it'll most definitely be magical.  Judging from the picturesque landscape shots,  the vibrant red sofa and the crowd of people gathered around it Friends style, my guesses are on an ultra-widescreen camera with both wifi/4G properties, 1080p HD video and social network capabilities. We've seen the technology on the latest smart phones and it's making friends with the new tablets on the market so it surely wouldn't be a stranger with digital cameras, right? 

It ends with a mysterious 'your audience is waiting' so being an avid social media fan, I'm hoping that it's a product that will capture all of the above and I can potentially upload my clips straight on the web without having to faff around with SD cards and laptops.

Register over on the website if you want to be the first in line to find out about Canon's surprise!

What are your guesses on the product?
*Sponsored by Canon

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit: Flower Power

 photo 447564a7-2148-48a6-97d4-90ade72e7d6e_zps7fbe29fc.jpg  photo 6beb2036-7fc9-46e6-801a-3fb764d68a05_zps1840ef42.jpg photo IMG_7549_zps782067d0.jpg
white vest - H&M
floral kimono - Internationale
floral head crown - Primark
high-waisted denim shorts - New Look
leather ankle boots - topshop


Excuse the cliche overly hippie post title - with the explosion of florals in this outfit, it only seemed fitting! For those who are lovers of festivals and outdoor summer events, the pieces in this outfit would be a great choice to dance and frolic to. Unleash those disco moves to your heart's desire without having to worry about flashing the crowd with more than you intended to.

Oriental prints were all over the catwalks for S/S '13 and having a colour palette of pink, purple and neutral shades in this kimono is perfect for showing off the patterns of the Far East. I love me a good kimono! Chiffon will always be my fabric of choice for the warmer weather and the structure of the item adds a relaxed ambience to the overall effect of the look. 

To stop it from looking overly feminine, denim shorts and leather boots are a must. They're also good 'stomping' gear for muddy fields and freshly cut grass. Having a bad hair day? Shove on a floral head crown and you're good to go. It's the hair accessory to rely on for those pesky frizzy mornings!

This is definitely one of my favourite go-to outfits to wear for the summer time and with the British heatwave still going strong, I'll have to dig it out and recreate it again!

What would be your ultimate festival outfit?

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

Day Four in Madrid: Feeding Rainbow Confetti Llamas

pastel yellow lace crop - H&M
floral shorts - H&M
brown plaited belt - Primark
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag
sandals - Topshop


The end is nigh; the final outfit post of the Madrid holiday series is now complete. The last day was another scorcher so oversized items were certainly blessings in disguise. Rather than opting for a full midriff flashing top, I chose to be a tiny bit more reserved by covering a bandeau vest with this lace cropped number from H&M. Comin' in at a bargainous £5, I already own its lilac sibling. It would have been rude not to stock up in an array of colours... and I'm a polite person so y'know. The yellow is brightening, epitomises the sunshine in Spain, (thankfully) didn't leave suspicious tan lines, kept me cool and looked dashing when it was paired with the bohemian floral shorts. 

The shorts were high-waisted enough to cover up the stomach (a must for those who are a lover of crops but a hater of the lower abdominal region) and a great example of shunning the stereotypical thinking that summer florals had to be bold, bright and eye-watering colourful. A smattering of the neutral themed blossoms was the perfect way of balancing femininity with the effortless 'this? oh, I just threw it on' look that we all strive for (don't lie).
We decided to pay a visit to our favourite spots and to stop at some new attractions on the way. We walked over to the Prado museum, went inside the cathedral, listened to some Spanish guitar and headed for the Salamanca district. Now, I'm renowned for being horrid with directions but I'm convinced that the infamous shopping district had decided to hide from me on that particular sunny afternoon. We walked up roads, went around the roundabouts and even looked on a map but nada.

 I didn't want to buy any Zara/Mango things at a discounted price anyway.
The most perfect Vespa motor scooter that has ever existed. A classic in a MANGO YELLOW/ORANGE colour?! Jordan and I stood there for at least 10 minutes just drooling at the sight of it (not literally, tsk). It's beautiful. It should be mine.
Buen Retiro Park was our next stop! We chilled out, soaked in the rays and saved a weighty anchor from the lake. Good job I was there to save the day, it was rather heavy (what a loser).
Trees that wouldn't look out of place in Harry Potter/The Hobbit. Such trees had to be photographed accompanied with cheesy grins.
A ham museum and counterfeit bags.
We rounded off our last day at the San Miguel food market (once again) and sat in Plaza Mayor to people watch. After stuffing ourselves with tapas, pastries and paella - we came across this rather interesting street performer animal. It was a rainbow glittering confetti-clad llama that performed a rather exotic dance every time we paid her. Around 3 euros later, we stumbled back to our hotel with tears in our eyes and laughter caught in our throats. Class act. I wish Ms. Llama jetted off to England! I'd offer her a place to stay just to see her dance again!

We're done!

I hope you enjoyed this holiday lookbook!

If you'd like to be reminded of the outfits combined in a 4 and-a-half minute musical video, I've embedded my YouTube creation down below!

Have a great rest of the day :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day Three in Madrid (Evening): Templo de Debod & 11pm Tapas

tropical print bralet - primark
high-waisted denim shorts - new look
leather sandals - topshop
floral head crown - primark
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag


Glorious sunshine stayed for the evening on day three in Madrid so out jumped the tropical print bralet. Wearing underwear as outerwear is definitely a new concept for me and luckily, wearing it on holiday is the best time to experiment with foreign pieces. The bright tropical print helps to diverge the mind away from thinking 'eeek... bra in public (?!)' and adds a dash of summer into the evening air. 

The high-waisted shorts are a norm, a staple and a very cherished item of clothing. It does a great job of concealing the lower abs from the world too. Some things just shouldn't be revealed. Thumbs up.

Wondering what my back drop is?

Templo de Debod in the evening. A beaut, isn't it? A live opera show was actually taking place whilst we were there so we watched the sunset with the soundtrack of the string orchestra. It certainly was the best way of remembering our last night in Madrid!

As the evening promised us one last adventure, we decided to walk from Templo de Debod to our favourite restaurant in San Miguel instead. We drank in the city lights and dined on the excited 'buzz' in the atmosphere. Madrid really does come alive in the evening.

Instead of going to a new restaurant, we both agreed to pay Meson Rincon de la Cava one last visit. We went there on our first night and the food, traditional decor and lovely staff brought us back.
Iberico ham and smoked cod :)
We wined and dined outside the restaurant this time. I think this may be one of my favourite pictures of Jordan and I. I feel like the colours, food, textures and little details in the photo really helps to define our trip. I'm staring at the tapas on the table with a rumble in my tummy now.

One final post tomorrow of Madrid and we'll be ending with this series!

Are any of you jetting off on holiday soon? 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day Three in Madrid: A Floral Playsuit at the Bernabeu Stadium

floral playsuit - topshop
floral head crown - primark
white blazer - topshop
Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag
leather sandals - topshop

Happy Sunday!

Day three in Madrid consisted of a morning trip to the Bernabeu stadium and an afternoon adventure in Parque del Buen Retiro - a daytime itinerary that pleased the both of us greatly!

We visited both the Old Trafford and Camp Nou stadiums last year and thought we'd finish off our football frolics with a visit to the final ultimate team's home, Real Madrid FC. The grounds were huge and had the capacity of seating 85,000+ fans; it housed an impressive array of trophies collected over the years and Jordan was very happy indeed. We saw Ronaldo's gear, Alfredo Di Stefano's boots from the 50s and had a sneak peak of the fancy changing rooms too. I'd still definitely recommend a visit to the stadium even if you're not an avid fan of the sport - I found them all to be really interesting and there was a unique 'buzz' in the atmosphere present during stadium tours that doesn't quite seem to exist in any other tours. My favourite grounds (and team) is still Barcelona though... shh.

What is the best way to show your passion for football during a stadium tour?

Well, I pranced around in a floral playsuit and a head crown of course!

I could have chosen to fully embrace the sports luxe trend once and for all but opted for a more low-key approach by choosing to be as girly as possible instead... a logical decision. As the forecast had alerted us of a 30C+ heat of bright sun and no clouds, a quick consultation with my makeshift suitcase wardrobe decided that this was the winning piece. 

This Topshop number is made from a cotton fabric born to tackle hot and humid weather, the light colour reflected heat and kept me cool. Wearing a playsuit meant I didn't have to faff around with creating the perfect top and bottoms combo although going to the toilet was a bit of a nuisance. It had a frilly bow detail that incidentally also nipped me in at the waist and cancelled out the need for a belt around that region too. 

The print and girly patterns gave off a 'whimsical' and child-like effect so I decided to play it up with a floral crown around my head. This accessory seemed to have been hailed as the 'ultimate summer must-have' and it's not hard to see why: it instantly adds femininity to an outfit, it hides a bad hair day and it looks so darn pretty resting on the head. 

To look less like a 5-year old, a white structured blazer accompanied it to inject a slight bit of independence. I had to look my age somehow! It turned a relaxed daytime piece into something immediately smart casual. Dare I say that it's a possible candidate for workwear too? At least it is in the industry that I work in!

After we were finished with the tour, we headed over to Plaza de Santa Ana for a quick pit stop of tapas and juice (or cerveza in Jordan's case). I was intrigued by salmon palmitos so decided to order it. It turns out that palmitos is actually the heart of a palm tree. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I gave it a try and... I didn't like it. The texture and taste didn't quite suit the other ingredients that was paired with it! Jordan ordered a seafood paella! 

We then walked all the way to Retiro park. Jordan and I usually try to skip the metro/subway/underground wherever we go if we can manage to walk to our point of destination in under 30-45 minutes. It did us good to burn off lunch and it gave us a chance to properly explore the city on foot rather than through a tinted glass window underground. 

It was only around 5 euros to hire out a rowing boat for 45-60 minutes: an absolute bargain. There was something very romantic about rowing a boat across the lake against the heat of the sun in a foreign country with Jordan! :)
 Once our time was up, we headed back to Plaza Mayor and stopped off at the best frozen yogurt place we both had ever been too! Just look at the picture below... drool. It was amazing! I didn't quite want it to end.

Day three evening and day four daytime will be comin' up soon!

I also had an amazing time with my sisters and Jordan yesterday all to be repeated all again today for his dad's birthday! Although it's highly unlikely that he'll read this blog post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL. We're going to make this an amazing day for you! :)

Have a lovely day everyone!

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