Thursday, 16 May 2013

the end is nigh

boyfriend crop top - primark
cobalt blue shorts - h&m
white blazer - topshop
nude heels - new look
gold choker necklace - forever 21


Long time no see, I hope you've all been well! I've been swamped under a list of deadlines and personal commitments hence the temporary hiatus with the blog - so sorry! The last weeks of university have been the bane of my life (slightly overdramatic) but the end is nigh, my friends. I only have one more assignment left - hurrah. I am so excited to be able to blog again without having a niggly voice of 'shouldn't you be researching articles for your essay?' nagging me.

This outfit post was actually from my Spring/Summer Evening Outfits video; I often blog about daytime attire but not often the things I'd wear in the evening! I have become overly obsessed with crop tops all of a sudden and it's a phase that won't be leaving anytime soon. Expect to see a few more outfit posts featuring this lovely little number!

For someone with very short legs, wearing crop tops and high-waisted bottoms helps to give off an illusion of an elongated pair of legs. Now, this isn't something I'd say no to. It also hides the problematic area of the lower abs and enhances the curves of the waist too. Anything to hide a food baby, ey?

Now, it's always all too tempting to slip into wearing an monochrome outfit. It's a habit that I'm constantly trying to break out of so alas, let me introduce you to these blue shorts from H&M. They're bright, loud and I love them very much. Cobalt blue is forever on trend no matter the season and the best thing about the colour is that it works for every skin tone. Unlike its cousin, the neon trend, they don't obnoxiously glare out at the world but they're enough to step out in to welcome spring/summer (I'm not in denial, the hot weather will arrive soon).

The white blazer blends the colour palette together and it's now one of my staple items in the wardrobe. It's refreshing and has its own sense of independence about it. All too often, I rely on my black blazer to solve every outfit problem but this one has recently taken its place. It lifts the colours in my clothes and also gives it a twist for the warmer climate. I'm excited to experiment with an all white outfit soon - if there's ever a trend to enhance a non-existant tan, it's this one.

I hope you're all having a lovely day,
See you soon!

Shu x


  1. Amazing outfit! Love this kinds of looks, so chic! Those shorts are amazing x

  2. lovely outfit Shu, good luck with your final assessment! xxx

  3. Good luck with everything Shu!!!! You're almost done with school for the summerrrrrr yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :)



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