Saturday, 18 May 2013

sheer coincidence

sheer pearl collar shirt - ASOS
green bodycon skirt - ASOS
nude heels - new look


Woops. It's either a sheer coincidence that my last few outfit posts have featured a black top and bright bottoms or it's a sign that I'm getting too obsessed with the combination. I think it's the latter. In my defence, pairing those dull, dark shirts/crops with coloured skirts/shorts allows it to reinvent itself as a contender in your spring/summer wardrobe. Ditch those dark wash skinny jeans and black leggings (shiver) and wander over to the colourful side instead. Check your wardrobes, if you've ever bought something beautifully vivid and loud but was unsure as to how to style it... this is a great alternative!

I received this sheer pearl buttons shirt from my sisters for my 20th birthday and I love it so very much! Now, it comes to no surprise that I like my shirts but I often find them to be unflattering in both real life and photography if they're an oversized fit. This black chiffon number is sheer enough to show off some flesh without having red danger lights flashing furiously at you. It's still stylish and arguably a piece smart enough to wear to work? The dainty pearl collar gives it a girly twist and eliminates the need of a necklace too. Win win.

Now, my general rule of thumb is to only wear one oversized item in an outfit. If I tried it with my top and bottom half, I'd break the balance and end up looking like a deflated balloon. This bright green bodycon skirt is perfect. It's actually my little sister's so imagine my glee (and her dismay) when I realised that I fit into it? Yoink. Bandage skirts and dresses will always get a huge thumbs up from me. It's tight, yes, but it also magically hides those pesky food babies out of sight too. It's an item that will hide a multitude of sins and for that reason, I shall be wearing it forever more. Sorry sis.

Will you be wearing any brightly coloured bottoms in the near future?

I hope you're all having a lovely day!

Shu x


  1. Hi Shu, I love your blog and your fashion style! Just starting my new work out routine after watching your youtube video on it, it was so much help so thank you.

  2. simple but gorgeous! love your blogs and vlogs
    -Sarah from

  3. Hi, Shu! I love that green skirt. You have great fashion style!


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