Friday, 17 May 2013


black lace crop top - primark
coral maxi skirt - new look
nude heels - new look
aztec necklace - primark
rose gold watch - asos


What did I say about another crop popping up, ey? I. Am. Obsessed. It's wondrous when it's paired with high-waisted numbers and it doesn't give you those awkward lumps and bumps when you find yourself tucking a long shirt in. It's never attractive and it looks rather weird when you're adjusting it in public.

Excuse the derp face in the pictures, the sun was out in full force. As a bid of giving my black clothing items an excuse to be worn for the summery months, I'm hunting down the ones that checks themselves off my 'versatility' list:

- Can I wear it for all four seasons? Oui.
- Can I wear it from day to night? Si.
- Will it go with both plain jeans, high-waisted bottoms and printed trousers? Ja.
- Can I think of at least 3 outfits to wear it with? Yes, yes, yes. 

There we have it. 

Bonus points include that it's black lace (a 'rocky' alternative to its feminine lighter counterpart), short sleeved (easy to layer) and it's see through at the back (but not at the front). The best part? It was only £4 in Primark. Hurrah! If you're interested in purchasing one, size up. There isn't any elasticity in the item so unless you want to sport it clinging onto your head when you're trying to change out of it, get it bigger!

This maxi skirt is in one of my favourite colours in the universe: that merge between a coral, salmon, peachy pink. Beaaaautiful. Adult maxis usually transform into a train when it's paired with my short self so when I spied it with my little eye in the New Look teens section for a mere £14.99, I flung it triumphantly into my basket. It's airy, breezy and is quite lovely to wear for wind or shine. For those chillier days, pair it with a pair of opaque tights and people would be none the wiser.

It's definitely something I'm looking forward to wearing in the next month!

Are you sporting the maxi?

I hope you're all having a lovely day!

Shu x


  1. Oh wow, Shu, you look stunning!
    I haven't had the courage to wear a maxi skirt yet... maybe because I am quite tall and feel like I would look like one huge colourful stripe. :D

    You look gorgeous... and so happy! :)

    Lots of love from Germany xx

  2. I picked up a maxi skirt from the kids section in new look too, great if you're on the shorter side! xxx

  3. HELLO toned tummy! You look fab! x

  4. I love brights paired with black. Fab skirt xx

  5. Love this outfit, and the way you've combined a bright skirt with the black crop-top..
    Totally something I would wear!
    Love this look and YOU :)



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