Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I love me a good preppy outfit

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blue striped shirt - Gap
black and white school blazer - H&M
denim shorts - Primark
office city bag - Zara

(Sorry that I've been away from my blog for so long. I've been ill these past few weeks and along with Jordan's 21st/university and work -it all got a bit too hectic. Blog posts will resume in no time at all - bear with me.)

My 'go to' outfits are always ones that fits within the smart casual dress code and my recent Gossip Girl marathon has only reinforced this (minus the designer price tags). It utilises the basics in the wardrobe and it's extremely easy to shove on early in the mornings.

GAP isn't normally a high street store I wander into but after my mum's excitable claims of 'OOH - A 75% SALE!!!' a year ago, I couldn't resist. I found this basic light blue striped shirt for £20 and I knew that it had to come home with me.

It was a shirt.
It was on sale.
They were the only two reasons I needed to justify the purchase.

I paired it with these £5 denim shorts from Primark. They aren't Levi's but they do the job and fit nicely. The denim and blue striped combination means it's a nice twist from my usual monochrome offerings. It's also a lovely way of feeling more 'spring-like' too than having bold blocks of black.

The school blazer is an ancient purchase from H&M many moons ago. It still remains as one of my favourite blazers to date simply because it's so different and easy to wear. The gold crest buttons lifts the piece and adds warmth to the outfit. The white piping detail keeps it looking on trend and emphasise the lapels and cropped shape of the blazer. If you're interested in wearing white blazers but aren't ready to step out in the full thing, this is a great way of introducing it to your wardrobe.

Of course, I had to include my Zara Office City bag with this outfit. What's a preppy outfit without a suitable bag? ;)

What are your go-to outfits?

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter break!


  1. I love the stripe shirt, looking lovely :)


  2. I love the prep look too! You look great!


  3. Daaaaaaang girl, look'it them legs!! Adorable as always :)


  4. I love the preppy look, you do it so well Shu!



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