Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Love Affair with Monochrome

vertical stripy shirt - h&m
faux leather shorts - forever 21
red satchel camera bag - eBay
bowler hat - urban outfitters


Lo and behold, we have another monochrome themed outfit post. I don't think my love affair with black and white attire will be ending anytime soon so I'm embracing this in all its glory. This vertical striped shirt has been deemed as the 'referee' shirt by my boyfriend and other male friends. It's frequently greeted with a 'ey-up, have you just come back from reffing a football/wrestling/other sport (delete as appropriate) match?' which is then met with some awkward laughter... and a sigh.

Whilst I'm all about the stripes, its horizontal sibling does have a great tendency of widening my body which obviously isn't desired. This vertical number hits both the monochrome and striped trend on the head and I've got to say, it's love. The sleeves are made from a soft cotton material whilst the main body is from a silky chiffon. This is ideal as I often find chiffon sleeves to be unflattering in both real life and photography; it flashes back in photos and adds excess bulk to the arms. 

The faux leather shorts are now too big for me (can I have a collective boo hoo please? :( ) but I love pairing it with shirts as it stops it from looking too smart: gotta love the slight sheen! The red satchel bag doubles up as a camera bag for my DSLR and it's the perfect pick-me-up companion with this monochrome outfit!

So there we have it!

Are you also a lover of a good black and white outfit?

Thanks so much for the lovely comments in my last post, I'll definitely do them more often! I'm thinking of doing a '7 floral outfits for 7 days' video so I shall keep you all updated. 

I hope you're having a lovely day!


  1. I love your shirt!
    I hardly wear black & white. Majority of my wardrobe is grey. Which I need to change.

  2. you look great! perfect outfit! :)


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