Sunday, 3 March 2013

Starry, Starry Night - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey

 blue cobalt shirt - ASOS
starry eagle sweatshirt - Zara
black shorts - H&M
office city bag - Zara
khaki ribbed beanie - ASOS

It's a well known fact that I often dress head to toe in black; it's slimming, smart and ever so easy to style. However, too much black can be draining so a subtle hint of colour helps to lift the dark hue and stops it from looking too doom and gloom.

I typically pair my shirts with a well structured blazer but I've been experimenting these past few months and I think I've found a new favourite way of wearing them. Layering it underneath sweatshirts and jumpers transforms them from casual loungewear to an outfit smart enough for shopping, university, work or even a lunch date. Okay, the bright-eyed eagle plastered on the black sweatshirt above may not be a shining example of business wear but you get my drift...

Cobalt blue is a colour that always remains on trend and it's easy to see why. The bright colour seems to be appropriate for all four seasons of the year and it's a safe bet that it'll be a popular choice on the clothing rail no matter the weather. I decided to play up the 'starry night' theme going on and combined the shirt with the cosmic eagle (which I've named Buckbeak as an ode to H Pottz) - is it just me or is there an extra twinkle in his eye? 

The sweatshirt was a bargain sale buy from Zara for a mere £7.99 and I can't stop wearing it! It's slightly oversized, it's the right length and the material is oh so soft. It's not a piece I'd normally go for but lately, I've been meaning to inject a little 'grunge' to my wardrobe and this was the perfect item to start it off. The khaki ribbed beanie was a winter buy from ASOS and it's a saviour during bad hair days. Win win.

I couldn't resist sneaking in my new Zara Office City bag... it carries everything (the inner Mary Poppins in me welcomed it with open arms) and although it's a smart bag, it goes with casual wear too.  If you were thinking of buying it, do it! 

What do you think of this outfit?

I hope you're all having a lovely day! 


  1. Finally set up my own YouTube channel! Subscribed to yours a few days ago.. In love with your style! X

  2. This outfit it lovely, I love how it's sort of smart looking but casual too! The jumper was such a bargain!
    I'm off to Zara to look up that bag right now!
    emmerliejay x

    1. Thank youuu! I hope you got the bag, it's amazing :) x

  3. Love the Don McClean in the title, Shu!!! I'm such a ridiculously huge fan... it made me quite giddy :)



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