Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Floral Blazer and Zara Office City Bag

Floral blazer - Topshop
White shirt - Topshop
Black skinny jeans - Ralph Lauren 
Zara Office City Bag
Studded Vectra slippers - Topshop

Now, I love me a good statement print so I couldn't resist this floral blazer in the Topshop sale for £13.50. In fact, I spotted it from across the store - gasped - ran (well, I walked very quickly towards it) - grabbed it and didn't hesitate to hand over my debit card to the shop assistant. It's perfect for the warmer weather and is a welcome addition to my (already extensive) collection of blazers.

An obsession with outerwear... moi? 

This is a very 'marmite' item meaning you'll either be in the 'love it' team or fall into the 'burn it' group. It reminds me of oil pastel paintings and it's very hard not to smile when you see the print. It's loud, colourful, bright and I LOVE it. It's well structured, flattering and very form fitting. Black 'lines' of fabric run inside the arms and down the waist; this gives off the illusion of a much slimmer figure by creating shadows along the areas that may appear otherwise.

Wearing such a vibrant blazer means the rest of the outfit has to be toned down. My white shirt goes along with the classic shirt and blazer ensemble and it also emphasises the vivid colours of the florals. As it's a spring/summer outfit, the white shirt is also a welcome  and refreshing change to my usual dark pieces too.

Similarly with the shirt, the bottoms had to be simple too - let me introduce you to my Ralph Lauren jeans from TK Maxx! It was a steal at £39.99 and it's so comfortable, my tights have actually taken a backseat. Coming from someone who lives in skirts and shorts, this is no mean feat!

My obsession with the Zara Office City bag is spiralling out of control but what do you do when it goes with everything? Well, you step back and enjoy it! :)

What do you think of the floral blazer?

Will you be investing in one for spring/summer?

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far! 


  1. I love this blazer! it's beautiful and such a staple piece for spring/summer



    1. Glad you like it! I'm obsessed with it :) xx

  2. Love this blazer - Zara do some really nice floral blazers too!

    Love your blog, i'm now following :)

    1. Thanks Elle! Ahhh, I'll have to trot over there and see :) xx

  3. Your blazer is so lovely, you look great


  4. I am gonna be wearing my floral blazer pretty much all summer! Your outfit is so cute :)


    1. Thank you! Eeee, do it - it's so lovely to wear when it's all sunny! :) x

  5. This bag is so gorgeous! I want it sooo bad!

    1. Head over to your local Zara store and buy this now! You will not regret it! x

  6. your bag is gorgeous!
    Zara do the best bags <3

    I also love your blazer!

    UK High Street Fashion

  7. hello from the states! the topshop blazer is lovely but im on the heavier side so i doubt that their biggest size will fit me! >__< its a bummer because they just opened a store in Los Angeles! anyhow, love your look in this post. hope you are having a nice day!


    ps THANK YOU for checking out my little blog! *SCREAMS* ^_____^

  8. Hey! I voted for you on MuseTV recently so thought I'd take a look at your blog :)

    Cute post and really sophisticated outfit! Nice photos too :D

    Michelle x


  9. I love this! You're so pretty! I adore the zara bag! I was wanting to pick it up myself,online, and the size is M. Is that the only size? What size do you have? :)


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