Saturday, 2 March 2013

Casual Weekend Lounging

lace top - vintage
peach cardigan - vintage
taupe bag - Accessorize
slouchy boyfriend jeans - H&M
crayola necklace - eBay
brown moccasins - Clarks

It's Saturday - hurrah! 

Dig out your most comfortable jeans and put on that cosy cardigan because weekends are made for relaxing and this is where casual wear truly shines. I'm normally a huge fan of the smart casual style: I have countless amounts of shirts, a few too many blazers and enough structured bags to open up my own store. I put my hands up as being a lover of a good 'preppy' outfit.

However, it's lovely to be able to wear something simple without faffing around with collars and lapels. This is not to be confused with lounging around in PJs though  - that's strictly reserved for Sundays.

The top is slightly oversized and has a plain crew neck but the lace sets it apart from the other basics in  my wardrobe. There isn't anything more feminine than lace; the delicate fabric means it transforms an otherwise boring outfit into one that's slightly more romantic. It adds texture and it's a top that falls into the 'effortlessly chic' category. 

The peach cardigan complements the light colour of the lace and works together to create a soft yet girly pairing. I find that knitwear can sometimes be unflattering but three quarter length sleeves definitely makes a difference and suits my body shape a lot more. The hint of the cable-knit pattern helps to break up the mound of fabric and stops it from looking frumpy.

Were light wash jeans made for lounging around? I think so. 
These boyfriend jeans are from H&M and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were when I slipped it on. Although it's a slouchy number, the straight leg is still slightly form fitting and doesn't interfere with the bagginess of the top half.

The bag? Well... it's love.
The neutral colour scheme and gold hardware detailing made it the perfect candidate for this outfit. It was only £12 from Accessorize in the sale and I've grown to be a bit too fond of it... bag lady alert.

If you're interested in a few more casual weekend outfit ideas, I uploaded a lookbook on my YouTube channel last weekend (which I've embedded below) and you'll be able to see the outfits in better detail.

What are your go-to outfits to wear during the weekend?

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far!


  1. Your outfit is so cute, I love the colours

  2. So beautiful! I love this outfit so much, it looks so comfortable and effortless, which is perfect for the weekends! That Zara bag in your first video outfit is STUNNING! I've been seeing SO many bloggers with that beautiful Prada bag (I'm secretly waiting for the knock-offs to start popping up on ebay) but I'm loving the Zara too, it's the zips and the pretty! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thanks Jennie!! Ahh, I hope you find one soon but if not - treat yourself to the Zara one, it's worth it! :) <3


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