Saturday, 9 March 2013

I'm 20 and I still love to wear stripes and dungarees

 photo IMG_6563_zps807ee041.jpg  photo IMG_6562_zps3efd8044.jpg

Dungarees/Overalls: Topshop
Striped Top: H&M
Red Satchel Bag: eBay
Bowler Hat: Urban Outfitters
Toy Watch

The child in me squealed excitedly when I spotted a range of dungarees (or overalls) in the high street stores. What better way to bring the 80s/90s back this spring/summer than to gallop around in these denim gems? Granted, they're not to everyone's taste but it is a clothing item destined for a lazy summer's day, oui?

Unlike the ones we may have been used to during our toddler years, these ones have been modernised for those who are still a big kid at heart... i.e. me. It's a lot more form fitting, the denim wash is flattering and the structure of it caters better for the feminine body.

Aside from the black bowler hat (essential to look more 'grown-up' and more like Charlie Chaplin) I decided to keep it classic by channeling a nautical/Parisian theme by working with a blue, red and white palette. It's the ultimate colour combination for spring and also a nice comfortable step away from my monochrome obsession.

I'm not the best of friends with horizontal stripes and our relationship is worse if it lands on a day that I feel bloated. Those pesky stripes are usually the culprit for making things worse. However, these dungarees acts as the peace maker. The main body of the top is covered by the denim and helps to separate it into smaller sections.

I'm excited to experiment these with some other shirts/blouses/tops with different cuts. The possibilities are endless and luckily, I have the whole of spring/summer to figure it out! 

What do you think of the dungarees/overalls trend?
Will you be wearing it this summer?

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I hope you've all had a lovely day! :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What I Wore to New Look's Hi Summer Event

cut out layered blouse -  a gift from mother!
white blazer - topshop
leather shorts - forever21
rose gold watch - ASOS
tights - primark
alibi leather ankle boots - topshop

On Friday 1st March, I was invited to New Look's Hi Summer event - if you fancy having a peek at their upcoming collection, you can read my post here. I rummaged through my wardrobe with the hopes of finding an outfit and after trying on three blazers, two jackets and a gazillion tops - this was the result.

A monochrome outfit will forever remain as one of my safe bets. I should've donned a rainbow coloured number in honour of the spring/summer event but I was soon coaxed out of that thought and thus, this outfit was born. A b&w outfit talks for itself so I didn't want to detract it away from its natural simplicity but chose to work with the textures of each individual piece instead.

The layered chiffon blouse was a kind gift from my mother and I have a feeling that it'll be one of my favourite pieces in the next few months. The flower cut outs and scalloped edges are very feminine but I love that it's a white blouse as opposed to the more obvious choice of blush pink. The interesting neckline eliminates the need of wearing a statement necklace as it draws the eyes away enough. 

I've been reaching for this white blazer a lot recently (my black one is sobbing in the corner of my room, woops) and it's such a refreshing change to my usual choices of outerwear! The change of colour completely transforms the look of the existing items in my wardrobe and it looks even better with an all black outfit (I'll never learn) 

As this outfit seems appropriate for a day in the office, I decided to give it a casual twist by wearing my faux leather shorts. I need to hunt down another pair as it's now too big for me! Of course, this fact didn't sink in until the shorts were halfway down my thighs whilst I walking down the broken escalator at Waterloo. D'oh.

What are your spring wardrobe staples?

I hope you're all having a lovely day! :)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Floral Blazer and Zara Office City Bag

Floral blazer - Topshop
White shirt - Topshop
Black skinny jeans - Ralph Lauren 
Zara Office City Bag
Studded Vectra slippers - Topshop

Now, I love me a good statement print so I couldn't resist this floral blazer in the Topshop sale for £13.50. In fact, I spotted it from across the store - gasped - ran (well, I walked very quickly towards it) - grabbed it and didn't hesitate to hand over my debit card to the shop assistant. It's perfect for the warmer weather and is a welcome addition to my (already extensive) collection of blazers.

An obsession with outerwear... moi? 

This is a very 'marmite' item meaning you'll either be in the 'love it' team or fall into the 'burn it' group. It reminds me of oil pastel paintings and it's very hard not to smile when you see the print. It's loud, colourful, bright and I LOVE it. It's well structured, flattering and very form fitting. Black 'lines' of fabric run inside the arms and down the waist; this gives off the illusion of a much slimmer figure by creating shadows along the areas that may appear otherwise.

Wearing such a vibrant blazer means the rest of the outfit has to be toned down. My white shirt goes along with the classic shirt and blazer ensemble and it also emphasises the vivid colours of the florals. As it's a spring/summer outfit, the white shirt is also a welcome  and refreshing change to my usual dark pieces too.

Similarly with the shirt, the bottoms had to be simple too - let me introduce you to my Ralph Lauren jeans from TK Maxx! It was a steal at £39.99 and it's so comfortable, my tights have actually taken a backseat. Coming from someone who lives in skirts and shorts, this is no mean feat!

My obsession with the Zara Office City bag is spiralling out of control but what do you do when it goes with everything? Well, you step back and enjoy it! :)

What do you think of the floral blazer?

Will you be investing in one for spring/summer?

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far! 

Monday, 4 March 2013

New Look Say Hi Summer- Spring/Summer 2013

There's nothing better to kick start the mood for summer than a new collection full of clothes and accessories for the warmer weather; New Look's Say Hi Summer event held at their press room on Friday 1st March did exactly that.

The Refuel Room event during London Fashion Week had shown only a preview of what's to arrive in stores; Say Hi Summer showcased a more extensive collection and expanded on each of the trends that will be hitting the high street soon. I have to say... I'm impressed.

Put on your cowgirl boots as denim is revisiting its Western roots. From silver studded collars to checkered shirts, the traditional American cowboy look has been revamped just in time for summer. Yee-ha! Giddy up, partner! We've got to get this wagon train a-movin! (I couldn't resist the Toy Story quote...) Say HI to the 80s/90s throwback as dungarees will be a huge spring/summer '13 trend. Did you rock the trend during your toddler years? Sling on some wedges, a floppy hat and a stripy top to modernise it for 2013! 

Tapestry prints, florals and pastels also featured very highly in the collection in the form of maxi skirts, midi dresses, patterned trousers and crop tops. There was a particular navy textured boucle jacket I had my eyes on, rich colours of red and blue ran through it... it was gorgeous and paid an ode to its Middle Eastern inspirations.

New Look's swimwear is all about bright colours. From shocking neons to rainbow aztecs, there's nothing dull about frolicking on the beach this summer. One pieces have also taken on a 'fierce' risk as the king of felines are printed on with waist cut-outs and layers of thick rose gold neck chains. Who said swimming costumes were boring?

If you're a jewellery and accessories lover like me, the colourful array of turquoise pendants, gold/rose gold chokers, neon chains and aztec layered bead necklaces would have had you quivering at the knees.  They were all presented inside wooden picture frames and I can see why, it's art.

Bright fluorescent watches and bracelets were showcased, the Hermes-inspired 'LOVE' and 'YOLO' belts were under the spotlights and if you're shopping for chokers this summer... the more spikes, the better.

Trainer wedges seems to have returned for another season but this time, it has a futuristic twist to it. Will you be indulging in the holographic shoes?

The event was Mexican themed and it made me feel oh so summery. There were sombreros, moustache props and maracas to shake (which we did as The Muse TV filmed us all talking about our favourite pieces from the collection. The first video from the Refuel Room event is now up on New Look's YouTube channel! Click here if you fancied a look!)  

Nachos, burritos, smoked salmon canapes and cocktails were at hand - perfect. :)

I met up with the lovely Allie, Luce and Sophie and after being serenaded by a jingly band outside of Oxford Circus, we arrived at the event and snapped away at the clothes (and of each other... outfit post coming soon!) 

It was so nice to see them all again to have a proper chat over American milkshakes and burgers at The Diner ending with a mini shopping trip. Do check out their blogs as you will not be disappointed!

All in all, it was another well-organised and amazing event!

Thank you to New Look for inviting me and putting together Say Hi Summer;

Thanks to The Muse TV team (Olwen, Bela and Simon) for always being so welcoming! Dilly the dog was adorable too :)

What do you think of the new spring/summer collection?

Has anything caught your eye?

I hope you're all having a lovely day! :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Starry, Starry Night - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey

 blue cobalt shirt - ASOS
starry eagle sweatshirt - Zara
black shorts - H&M
office city bag - Zara
khaki ribbed beanie - ASOS

It's a well known fact that I often dress head to toe in black; it's slimming, smart and ever so easy to style. However, too much black can be draining so a subtle hint of colour helps to lift the dark hue and stops it from looking too doom and gloom.

I typically pair my shirts with a well structured blazer but I've been experimenting these past few months and I think I've found a new favourite way of wearing them. Layering it underneath sweatshirts and jumpers transforms them from casual loungewear to an outfit smart enough for shopping, university, work or even a lunch date. Okay, the bright-eyed eagle plastered on the black sweatshirt above may not be a shining example of business wear but you get my drift...

Cobalt blue is a colour that always remains on trend and it's easy to see why. The bright colour seems to be appropriate for all four seasons of the year and it's a safe bet that it'll be a popular choice on the clothing rail no matter the weather. I decided to play up the 'starry night' theme going on and combined the shirt with the cosmic eagle (which I've named Buckbeak as an ode to H Pottz) - is it just me or is there an extra twinkle in his eye? 

The sweatshirt was a bargain sale buy from Zara for a mere £7.99 and I can't stop wearing it! It's slightly oversized, it's the right length and the material is oh so soft. It's not a piece I'd normally go for but lately, I've been meaning to inject a little 'grunge' to my wardrobe and this was the perfect item to start it off. The khaki ribbed beanie was a winter buy from ASOS and it's a saviour during bad hair days. Win win.

I couldn't resist sneaking in my new Zara Office City bag... it carries everything (the inner Mary Poppins in me welcomed it with open arms) and although it's a smart bag, it goes with casual wear too.  If you were thinking of buying it, do it! 

What do you think of this outfit?

I hope you're all having a lovely day! 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Casual Weekend Lounging

lace top - vintage
peach cardigan - vintage
taupe bag - Accessorize
slouchy boyfriend jeans - H&M
crayola necklace - eBay
brown moccasins - Clarks

It's Saturday - hurrah! 

Dig out your most comfortable jeans and put on that cosy cardigan because weekends are made for relaxing and this is where casual wear truly shines. I'm normally a huge fan of the smart casual style: I have countless amounts of shirts, a few too many blazers and enough structured bags to open up my own store. I put my hands up as being a lover of a good 'preppy' outfit.

However, it's lovely to be able to wear something simple without faffing around with collars and lapels. This is not to be confused with lounging around in PJs though  - that's strictly reserved for Sundays.

The top is slightly oversized and has a plain crew neck but the lace sets it apart from the other basics in  my wardrobe. There isn't anything more feminine than lace; the delicate fabric means it transforms an otherwise boring outfit into one that's slightly more romantic. It adds texture and it's a top that falls into the 'effortlessly chic' category. 

The peach cardigan complements the light colour of the lace and works together to create a soft yet girly pairing. I find that knitwear can sometimes be unflattering but three quarter length sleeves definitely makes a difference and suits my body shape a lot more. The hint of the cable-knit pattern helps to break up the mound of fabric and stops it from looking frumpy.

Were light wash jeans made for lounging around? I think so. 
These boyfriend jeans are from H&M and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were when I slipped it on. Although it's a slouchy number, the straight leg is still slightly form fitting and doesn't interfere with the bagginess of the top half.

The bag? Well... it's love.
The neutral colour scheme and gold hardware detailing made it the perfect candidate for this outfit. It was only £12 from Accessorize in the sale and I've grown to be a bit too fond of it... bag lady alert.

If you're interested in a few more casual weekend outfit ideas, I uploaded a lookbook on my YouTube channel last weekend (which I've embedded below) and you'll be able to see the outfits in better detail.

What are your go-to outfits to wear during the weekend?

I hope you're all having a lovely day so far!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Spring is nearly upon us; it's time to set aside those winter pieces and to prepare your wardrobe(s) for the warmer months ahead! Pack your thermals away and be ready for a new mix of textures and prints to come out to play.

Spring signifies a new beginning and what better way to show it than to add a splash of colour to your outfits? If you're crying out loud for a break from your neutral attire, loud floral blazers to pastel coloured knitwear will cater to your needs. This season is all about experimenting so don't be afraid to try something a little different! 80s fashion always comes back around and this year, patterned suits have been making a grand reappearance in every fashion lookbook around. Fun is restored back into traditional business wear and it's a trend I can't wait to embrace.

Dressing head to toe in white has been all over the catwalks supported by strong tailoring with structured pieces:

white blazers? check
white patterned shirts? check
white accessories? check!

It's a contemporary twist to a classic black outfit and it's refreshing to say the least! Nothing shows that you're confident more than stepping out in all white and plus, it'll emphasise a tan as soon as the sun decides to come back to the UK.

Still not a big fan of the trend?
No fear, monochrome and stripes are going to be HUGE for spring. As an avid wearer of black and white, I'm delightfully adding those pieces back onto my clothing rail...

On the other end of the spectrum, dig out those old toddler photographs of yourself sporting a mushroom haircut as we're going to be revisiting our childhood. Any picture evidence of you wearing dungarees and pinafores shows a fashion forward self - yes, they're back! Prepare for an invasion of denim overalls and patterned aprons as it's become a 'must-have' clothing item for every spring wardrobe. I know I'll definitely be stocking up...

To have a closer look at the clothing items I've chosen, I uploaded a 'Spring Wardrobe Essentials' video on my YouTube channel and it's embedded below: I go into more detail about each category. I'm so excited to wear the denim dungarees shown in the thumbnail picture - oh... the things we wear to look like a four year old boy/farmer/painter... (delete as appropriate)

I hope you're all having a great day,

What are your spring wardrobe essentials?
Has anything caught your eye?

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