Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Layering: Floral Jumpers to an Androgynous Style

floral jumper with scallop edge collar: vintage
jeans: primark
grey speckled jumper: Jordan's (from H&M)
satchel messenger bag: Jordan's (from ASOS)
lips: MAC Rebel


if you're in the UK, you will have probably realised that it's snowing today... transport has been disrupted, school has been cancelled and judging from my facebook/twitter feed, some people are a bit grumpy too. boooo. whilst it's at an inconvenient time, i still can't help but have flurries of excitement at the look of it! everything just suddenly becomes magical and peaceful (although the ice after this won't but let's not think about that).  i'm all dressed and after lunch, i'm going to attempt to go out and PLAAAAY. we're planning to go in Jordan's hot tub later too, i'm pretty excited! this outfit wouldn't be entirely appropriate as it was taken a few days ago but it can be transformed into two different outfits.

i bought the floral jumper from a vintage shop last year and fell in love with the scallop edge collars, print and the shorter sleeves! although i love knitwear, it doesn't seem to love me and instead chooses to make me look like a chubby marshmallow. it's not a flattering look. however, these sleeves are more fitted and as the rest of my arms are shown, my body shape peeks through and isn't engulfed by the thick fabric.

for the second outfit... i raided Jordan's wardrobe. he has some jewels in there and he quite likes me wearing his baggy jumpers so it's a win-win situation! i spotted this grey speckled jumper with elbow patches and 'yoinked' it. seeing elbow patches on things makes me happy for some strange reason. i also saw the brown satchel bag in the corner and took it out for a spin too. as it's freezing cold outside, it's still possible to layer up without waddling. i simply put the oversized grey jumper over the top of my floral one, put the collars over the top of the round neck and voila! a completely new look.

it has a slight androgynous feel to it and i quite like that both guys and girls can wear this outfit. having a look in your boyfriend's/brother's/dad's wardrobe has its advantages! 

i'll try and take some pictures and film an outfit of the day to show you my snow outfit!

i am wearing a jumper but hey.... SNOW ANGEL TIME!

 if you're in the UK - have fun in the snow and be safe 
and if you're not in the UK, i still hope you're all having an amazing day!!!

see you tomorrow! :)


  1. Gorgeous. I love your sweaters. Rebel is the. Best lipstick ever! Enjoy your snow day :)



  2. I've been wanting to try this look for ages! You pull it off so well :)


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