Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Striped Monochrome

vertical stripey shirt: H&M
coloured speckled jumper: QED London (TK Maxx)
tights: Primark


i've arrived here safely and i was glad to change into my comfy PJ bottoms when i arrived! i hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and today - did anyone make any snow men/women/dogs/houses? i ended up making five train journeys and four of them were delayed so cue me searching my train app every ten minutes and rushing around in search for the platforms! my Oliver Twist scenario didn't happen although my fingers, toes and nose were threatening me with emigration if i didn't arrive any time soon. 

this is the outfit that i'm wearing today; thank you to Jordan for helping me with the pictures :). does anyone have any tips on posing or am i doomed to look like a overly doughy marshmallow forever more? i feel so awkward posing in front of the camera and i simply can't pull off the 'angry but cool moody' shots other fashion bloggers can do! i hope you're all okay with my toothy grin from time to time!

knitwear is never a flattering option for my body shape, it widens me but it's winter and i need warrrrmth. someone named the shirt as a 'jail break' shirt and i must agree, it definitely reminds me of that haha! for days i don't feel like wearing a 'loud' print as the stand out item but still want to incorporate it into an outfit, wearing it under a jumper is the best option! for those who don't like scoop/round necklines, the shirt collars help to cover it too and transform a plain jumper into something that looks a bit smarter and 'fancier' too. layering doesn't always have to be multiple unflattering pieces piling on top of each other like sardines (although the clothes i wear when i'm lounging around at home  begs to differ...)

i must dash - dinner time! 

Jordan and I will be attempting to cook a healthy version of special fried rice from scratch tonight - this is the time for my Chinese self to shine so erm... hurry up and arrive please. we've bought king prawns, peas, carrots, rice, pork and spring onions with some green tea on the side too! it's my favourite rice dish, yummmmm. 

i hope you've all had a great day!

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  1. I can never find knitwear to flatter my body shape either but when it's super cold I always think being warm is better than looking my best haha!

    I hope you had a yummy dinner!

    Love your jumper here! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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