Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day in England

burgundy speckled jumper - primark
beige quilted jacket - new look
furry hat - sister's but it's from primark
aztec peg trousers - asos
red satchel camera bag - eBay
burgundy gloves - gift from Jordan


so... it snowed yesterday in the UK and i had an absolute BLAST of a day! there's nothing quite like drawing back your curtains to be met with a (cliché) winter wonderland - i do love seeing fresh blankets of snow... ready to be stomped in.

i wrapped up very very warm and it was awkward trying to move around but i was so comfortable. i ended up wearing a quilted jacket, three jumpers, a long sleeve top, a vest top, two pairs of tights (one being the thick 'super cosy tights' from Primark) and my aztec peg trousers from ASOS! that's a lot of layers, right? in the first picture - my legs look extra short and stumpy but it's due to the baggy trousers being tucked into the wellies. i haven't shrunk overnight... at least i don't think i have! i did a very good impression of a penguin but for that many layers, it could have looked a lot worse!

i sledged for the first ever time yesterday and it was so much fun! this is going to sound incredibly silly but i usually get really panicky about those sort of things (wimp) because i start imagining a load of horrific scenarios involving broken limbs and the wrong kind of lumps. i was anxious but after seeing so many people do it and with Jordan's encouragement, i just told the anxiety to take a day off and i did it! i want to go again (in fact, i may do today if the snow hasn't turned into slush by this time). i felt even more of a big kid and nearly knocked into a dog and a small girl but no one got hurt and i'm still alive :) i now see what the fuss is about!

afterwards, we all went back to Jordan's house and Jordan, his dad and I went into the hot tub to warm up! IT. WAS. AMAZING. the water was 40C and it felt surreal being surrounded by snow but feeling like you're in the best hot bath in the world, haha. it wasn't actually as cold as i had thought it would have been when we got out either! 

all in all, it was an amazing day and i wish it could happen all over again!

it was so lovely seeing everyone with a smile on their face and just all being together :)

if you were in the UK/somewhere that snowed - how did you spend your snow day? even if it didn't snow, let me know! i'd love to read about it :)

i hope you're all having an amazing day, 
see you tomorrow! :)


  1. Your pictures are so crisp! You look adorable x

  2. It really is always surreal to take a hottub when you're surrounded by snow... it's a magical feeling!! :)


    1. It made me feel so sleepy afterwards too! It was amazing :) xxx


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