Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Polka Dots and Homemade Special Fried Rice!

polka dot shirt: River Island (but bought on ASOS)
gold choker necklace: Forever 21
burgundy cardigan: Jordan's (Topman)
socks: my mum gave them to me :)!


i'm sorry this blog post is so late! i ended up filming a video and iMovie was being a poop by corrupting my original file so it took up the whole day trying to fix it. if you noticed my ever so stylish grey stripey socks, today was also a lounging around 'editing' kind of day - my favourite! 

quick story time:

my mum gave those socks to me last year as well as stuffing half of her wardrobe into my bag. she's the ultimate bargain hunter although it never quite works to her favour... if there's a sale, a radar seems to go off inside her head. she'd whisk over to the shops... come back with several bags... and then leave them in her wardrobe. six months to a year later, they're still there complete with tags. 

she's obsessed with stripes and blazers and i mean obsessed. she has two full length wardrobes in her room.. one of them is dedicated to her blazers and she keeps buying more.


i'm not complaining though - i end up going back to uni with a load of new clothes to wear!

back to the post:

i bought this polka dot shirt last week from ASOS for £18 (including student discount) - it's actually from River Island and the RRP is £25 so i'm not too sure why ASOS is selling it for £20! regardless, i'm developing some kind of obsessive relationship with this item of clothing. it's quite worrying. i've never been a 'polka dot' gal but this just called out to me and now i'm dotty for it (i'm sorry, i couldn't resist!)

it's unbelievably comfortable, it's black and white and the buttons are small golden spikes:
*cue angelic hallelujahs*  

what's more, i feel like it has a slight 50s feel to it so i decided to wear my MAC rebel lipstick just to make it look slightly more 'glamourous'. this lipstick is also a recent favourite and i can't stop calling it my ribena lips lipstick. if you fancy having some purpley pink lips, this will be your friend!

i raided Jordan's wardrobe and stole borrowed his burgundy cardigan from Topman. he was too busy doing his uni work to notice so i decided to use his grey jumper and satchel bag too (blog post coming on that soon). hehehe. i made up a 'i'm raiding JORRRRDAN'S CLOSET' song and dance whilst exploring and he seemed to quite enjoy that so i think we're even and it's an invitation to wear more of his clothes :)


 i took some pictures of the homemade special fried rice we cooked last night! it was so delicious and surprisingly easy! 

he just couldn't contain his excitement for spring onion chopping!


i'll leave you with this picture! 
i hope you like rice...

i hope you've all had an amazing day!
seeeee you tomorrow :)


  1. Oh my goodness Shu, Rebel was MADE for you!! So so gorgeous and it looks like you had a fun time making your fried rice :D Mmmmmm...


    1. Oh Cassie, you're always too kind to me! I love the Rebel lipstick so much, I'm glad I bought it! Haha, I must make it for you one day - it was so nice (if i say so myself ;D) xx

  2. You are adorable! I love your blog xx

    1. Thank you so much, Coco! I'm so happy you like my crazy ramblings, haha! :) xx


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