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Let's Play A December Catch Up!


Now, I don't know about you but December (and the start of January) was extremely busy for me - last minute Christmas shopping, university deadlines, work deadlines and dashing around all over the place meant I didn't have time to catch up with blogging (both reading and writing)!

In case any of you were interested, I thought I'd post a few outfit photos and videos that I forgot didn't have the time to post last month! If you wanted to play catch up or just had a few minutes to spare, perhaps this will come in handy! Grab yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee/water/juice/fizz too! :)

Outfits for all seasons: Spring to Autumn/Winter Fashion

Whenever I buy a new item of clothing, I always try to picture at least four outfits in my head before I click the 'check out' button. Aside from being a student, I just love being able to wear my wardrobe (not literally) all year round. Don't worry, I do like to buy some festive-themed/bright summery pieces from time to time too! Have a look at the outfit pictures below to see how I'd wear the clothing items from summer - autumn!

Outfit One:
patterned blouse - vintage
black skinny jeans - primark
leather bag - a shop in Milan

Shirts and blouses make up about 90% of my wardrobe - I can't get enough of them and they're definitely my favourite type of clothing items to buy. They're versatile, effortless to wear and can be easily adapted for a variety of situations. The outfit above can be worn to work, shopping or an evening out - just change the accessories around and voila!

Outfit Two:

black and white crochet dress - Fashion Temple in Brighton

grey cardigan - New Look

Dresses aren't just for the summer time and as I'm very fond of sporting a monochrome outfit - this dress had to be included. Some dresses/skirts/shorts just doesn't look right when it's paired with dark coloured tights - no fear, I'm wearing nude tights and you can barely tell. They keep you warm and ensure you can still rock your favourite bottoms without freezing your legs off!

Outfit Three:

black sweater - primark

mustard coloured blouse - primark
faux leather shorts - Forever21
red satchel bag - eBay

If there's a 'rule' for autumn/winter fashion, it's to layer your clothes. Unfortunately, I stupidly decided to tuck in the bottom of my black jumper so I look a bit foolish in the picture but you get the idea! If you have any bright coloured summery clothes in your wardrobe, revamp them for winter by layering jumpers over the top of it! It's refreshing to zap a bit more colour during the dull and dark days, and you'll feel much happier too!

Outfit Four:

blue work shirt - ASOS

wet-look skater skirt - ASOS

Woops - another shirt. This blue work shirt was from ASOS for a bargain price of £18! It's great and the collar makes me happy - I do love me a good structured collar. Pay an ode to the classic school girl look without mimicking Ms Britney Spears. I've modernised it with a wet-look skater skirt to add a bit of an 'edge' to the overall look! By adding a mac coat/faux fur collar/leather jacket will keep you warm without compromising the style of the outfit!

Outfit Five:

cobalt blue long shirt - Forever21

black shorts - H&M
two tone riding boots - Primark
brown belt - Primark

leopard headband - gift

This was a bit of a last minute outfit where I decided to just, well, chuck everything on. I'm obsessed with my leopard headband (although I've lost it and I can't find it anywhere, boo). If you're not a hat person or you fancy a bit of a change, fur headbands are GRRRReat! They keep you warm and makes you look stylish too. Cobalt blue will forever remain a colour that can be worn all year round - it's always strutting down the catwalk during the A/W shows and dancing down the runway for the S/S shows. It's a crowd favourite - pair it with some neutral shades and accessories for the bright blast of blue to stand out!

three year anniversary with Jordan

December 13th marked our third year anniversary together! We went to our favourite restaurant and watched The Hobbit in IMAX on the actual day and then went into Central London for some Christmas shopping in Westfield Stratford followed by the Lion King on stage! It was awesome. I don't have a picture of the outfit I wore underneath my jacket on day one so if you were interested, watch the video below! :)

Day One:
Faux leather jacket - Primark

Peek of my khaki blouse - ZARA
The 'blogger' bag - eBay
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Dr Martens Serena

Day Two:
Lace top: vintage

Wet look skater skirt: ASOS
Chain belt: Primark
The 'blogger' bag: eBay
Boots - Dr Martens Serena
Bobble hat - H&M

Winterlicious Tag on Christmas Eve! 

I was tagged by the amazing essiebutton to do the winterlicious tag! it's a collection of wintery questions and I show you the gingerbread house Jordan and I made... okay, decorated.

DECEMBER TWENTY-FIFTH:Christmas Day Montage and What I Got For Christmas Video

Christmas! I wore a big festive jumper and made a montage of our day! I also made a 'what I got for Christmas' video too so have a gander if you wanted to have a bit of a nose like me! Needless to say that I am extremely grateful and thankful for what I received but presents are not to be prioritised, I had a PERFECT Christmas Day spent with the people I love and it still makes me smile just thinking about it! I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

That's all, folks!

Phew! If you have gotten this far - I congratulate you and give yourself a pat on the back!
Thank you so much for reading (and maybe watching)

Hope you're all having an amazing day :)

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